Ronald Gipper Reagan

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Ronald Gipper Reagan

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Avatar-Ronald Gipper Reagan.png
Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 2233
Date of birth 22nd June, 2012
Residence Texas
Sex Male
Political party American Freedom Alliance
Newspaper The Reagan Revolution
Party President of American Freedom Alliance
16th November, 2012 –
Military unit American Eagle Division
Regiment 1st Regiment
Position Unit Commander
Rank Icon rank Private.png National Force *

Ronald Gipper Reagan is currently a citizen of the Icon-USA.pngUnited States and person of note in the controversial American Freedom Alliance party. He is one of the few players in the USA to be labeled an "Enemy of the State" by the political community at large. He is also the founder and current commander of the American Eagle Division militia.


Despite his in-game age, Ronald is no newcomer to eRepublik. His first character, Ajay Bruno was permanently banned for administering multiple accounts. His later characters, Pizza The Hut, Pizza The Hut II, Pizza The Hut III, and General Cartman Lee were also banned for a variety of reasons including the harassment of another citizen. He contends that many of the bans in question were unjust. Throughout his time in eRepublik, Ronald has been a primarily political player. He has served as a congressman on most or all of his characters, founded countless political parties, and unsuccessfully run for President many times.

Since the PTO of the Republican Liberty Caucus, and the reformation of the party in to its modern form, the American Freedom Alliance, Reagan has reached what is arguably the peak of his power in his eRepublik career, as many believe that the AFA and its allies will ultimately take control of the eUSA. He is supported by a wide range of American and immigrant players who share a similar agenda for change and reform in the eUSA and abroad.

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