Ryan I

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Ryan I

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 26th May 2012
Date of death End of 2016 (est)
Residence Kensington Palace, London, United Kingdom
Newspaper Briton's Times
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal**.png Supreme Marshal**
Aircraft rank Senior airman 3.png Senior Airman***

About Ryan

Ryan started eRepublik life as Grand Emperor Ryan, then he becomesLord Ryan Of Britannia, and finally Ryan I.

According to him, the 1st nickname was because he was Lord High Protector and Duke of Albion. It has been a tough start, partly due to himself being a noob. Since he met Mr Woldy, his whole life has turned for the better. He has been a great light to follow when times were dark.

The Noob months

In mid-late 2012, Ryan was new to the game and he was all about the winning.

He did some terrible things which saw many people desperately trying to save him from the sins he had committed. When Ryan joined, he created a party called the Great British Empire Party. A few members joined. However, the system on which Ryan tried to run the party was not very democratic. Which saw Jny123 Take over the party presidency and restore the party to a democratic manner. He also changed the party name to Great British Democratic Party.

After this turbulent time, Ryan moved to another Minor party, before moving to one of the largest parties in the United Kingdom - The Unity Party (TUP). This is where his real political career began...

Political Career

Soon after joining TUP, Ryan was elected to the Congress. He was ranked better than 4 citizens who clearly had something to contribute to the UK and had a general fascination. TUP forced Ryan out of the party mid-term due to his law proposals. Ryan did something against the party and they did not like him for it and the distress among the party members was too high. So Ryan left for a party that accepts players and befriends them and helps them from the beginning.

This was when Ryan joined the UKRP (United Kingdom Reform Party). In which he remained until the end of his eCareer.


Ryan served in the United Kingdom Armed Forces before switching to the Woldy's Warriors.

The Royal Meetings

It was in the turbulent time of his career that Ryan confronted the King for a little guidance and of course to talk about political issues. However, in these meetings, Ryan really learned what used to bring him down and what people disliked about him. Sometimes Ryan would come out with rude comments because of what someone had said or done to him. What Ryan forgot was what Ryan had done earlier that used to make them act in this way. It was in the last meeting, that Ryan fully understood his problems and he soon set about ridding of them.

Glorious Day

It was on day 2006 when the final 'tutoring' session was over for Ryan. Ryan got the title of Duke and LHP. After Ryan concluded the last meeting, he announced that he knows how to change for the better and more importantly, keep on living and learning.

Ryan announced to anyone who is reading this:

 if you are in tough times because of your past, show everyone you have learned. Show everyone you're strong and invincible and most of all never lose hope. I nearly lost it to the point I went into self-exile to a far-away land. The King of the United Kingdom metaphorically slapped me around the face and said: "Get hold of yourself". I am grateful for his everlasting help and guidance 
(Ryan I)
 Long Live King Woldy... 
(Ryan I)