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The Award Winning Satirical Newspaper


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General Information
Country Flag-UK.jpg UK
Language English
Owner Unknown
Founded Day 1873, Early 2013
Subscribers 127
Articles 65
Content Satire

SCANDALOUS is a satirical magazine specialising in poking fun at the recent events, mainly revolving around the British Political Scene. Founded in early 2013, the magazine immediately rose to an esteemed position amongst the growing satirical industry that was flourishing at that time, predominantly amongst members of the Cult party The Real Spamicans[1].

The Emergence of SCANDALOUS

SCANDALOUS was an instant hit from the first issue, surprising with a pulp hit about the Attack of the Seven-foot BigAnts[2]. The magazine would later publish several more editions featuring the fictional yet loveable rogue character of BigAnt, or the PowerCrab as he was briefly known as.

This popular and well-read article was quickly followed by the first SCANDALOUS interview, with the former presidential candidate Bob Bloggs. Relationships subsequent to this interview with the man can only be described as frosty, although his fanbase made a big deal out of the interview. Many of Bloggs' comments went down in SCANDALOUS history for their quotability. He famously stated after its publication that "I'm glad you published an article on me but i have to disagree about the rudeness- i wasn't in a good mood when i answered some questions".

A Selection of Reviews

Both Good and Bad

"I tip my hat for the comedy value." - Myheadstone

"This made my day, I take my hat of to your sir, nicely done!" - Future eUK President Bohemonth4

"i won't answer jibber jabber" - Fan favourite Commie Basher and Minor Celebrity Bob Bloggs during an interview.

"Your investigative journalism shines through yet again, you must have some sources deep in government!" - Royal Captain CptChazBeard

"Better than Carol Ann Duffy any day" - Joseph Quimby

"Your ability to write poetry is dreadful." - p00kachu

"lol you are so wacky" - Commander Dopper

"what do bladders have to do with an electoral interview?" - Bob Bloggs


"Sometimes, I've been close to laugh but I didn't actually laugh" - Alphabethis

"I bet half your friends are wookies too, eh?!? *cough* Racist! *cough* " - Ex-UK CP WookieO