Sadri Tistiv

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Sadri Tistiv

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Nationality Flag-North Korea.jpg North Korean
National rank 52
Date of birth November 28, 2009
Residence Pyongan, North Korea
Faith Atheist
Rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain

Sadri Tistiv is an Iranian citizen and wiki editor. He was a member of Iran Green Party, prior to his immigration to Heilongjiang in Hungary and citizenship in North Korea. He was born in November, and is an active Phoenix supporter. He owns an organization account called "eIraqi Fund" which he donates spare gold into for when Iraq becomes a nation on eRepublik. He has one Hard Worker medal and one Super Soldier medal. He reliably fights with no weapons almost every day in favor of Hungary or her allies. He usually works with 96 wellness daily and is regarded a reliable worker. He has not had much of a career in politics but has not been in Iran or involved in it's politics long enough to work as a Congress Member. He was born in South_Khorasan.

He moved to North Korea in hopes of starting a political career with the Belarussians in North Korea, and his citizenship was accepted. He is currently waiting for the Congressional elections, wanting to be elected.