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Nationality Flag-Finland.jpg Finnish
National rank 85
Date of birth 7th September 2008
Residence Western Finland
Sex male
Political party Unioni
Congress member of Finland
26th October 2008 – 26th November 2008
7th January 2009 – 5th February 2009
President of Finland
6th February 2015 – 6th March 2009
Military unit Wanhat Parrat Armeija
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Squadron leader 5.png Squadron Leader*****

Samueru is a citizen of the republic of Icon-Finland.png Finland. He is a very hard worker, ex-boss of the infamous Oy Tikkakoski Ab weapons factory, a soldier and politician.


Samueru was born in the times of the big Finnish wave - a Finnish baby boom that held place in Icon-Norway.png Norway. Even though there was a big advertising campaign on and the number of Finns joining the game was huge, Samueru found his way to the game from another way called boredom and random Googling. He found an interesting game and joined it. At that time he had no idea about the big Finnish wave going on in Norway and that's why Samueru was born in Icon-Sweden.png Sweden.

Samueru's career had a slow beginning. After he managed to get a job from a socialistic food factory with a salary of 0.8 SEK, life moved on day after day - and often he found himself wondering what was he doing in that crappy Swedish factory with a salary so low that he hardly had any money to buy food. Finally one day Samueru found out what was going on in Norway; the country's biggest party was infested by Finns and they were planning for independence! After a few minutes Samueru was a citizen of Norway - just in time to become one of the Finnish independence fighters. When Finland got its independence Samueru was one of the first citizens trying to start their lives there.

Life in liberated Finland

The start of the new life was hard! The unemployment rate was one of the most highest in the whole New World and Samueru was jobless for a long time. Even though there was no job, no food, no FIMs etc. Samueru decided to stay in his new country. When the first Congress elections came, Samueru was one of the candidates for Liberaali Edistyspuolue and eventually with his own vote he found his way into to first Congress of liberated Finland.

After a while Finland started to get organized: it got an army, it joined ATLANTIS etc. Samueru was one of the first people who enlisted the Finnish army almost immediately after it was formed. This was the beginning of his life as a warrior, and it started in Finnish rapid forces - Nopean Toiminnan Joukot (NTJ). Samueru walked the way of the warrior until he created a company, Oy Tikkakoski Ab, which took much of his attention - so much that he decided to leave the army for awhile. At the same time he went to the Congress for a second term. Eventually he got bored to the warless life and rejoined NTJ again.

Newer history

Oy Tikkakoski Ab company is history, Samueru managed to get elected to Congress 15 times and one 1 time he was President of Finland.