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Scott Anthony

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth February 16, 2009
Date of death Summer 2009
Residence North West of England
Military unit United_Kingdom#Military|Royal Guard
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant.png Lieutenant
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

The Illustrious Life of Scott Antony

Scott Antony joined eRepublik on the 16th day of February in the year 2009. He died sometime in Summer 2009.

His home region was the North West of England of the United Kingdom and after his birth, Scott quickly set about finding his way, making friends with the Director of the local NHS clinic and got in to training for the army.


Scott's first job was at City Food, part of the City Group, a Q1 company producing - believe it or not - food!

Working hard everyday to make ends meet, Scott's skill level quickly increased and received occasional pay-rises for his efforts. Before long he applied for and was successful in gaining promotion and a decent pay-rise.

Near the start of March 2009, Scott began to feel that he had outgrown City Food and started looking on the job market for better paid, more interesting manufacturing jobs. That was when Scott came across Fresh Meat, part of PBear. Now on a much higher salary, Scott is able to live life more in the manner that he would like.

Having worked for over 20 days now, Scott has ambitions to begin his own company in the North West, but with only Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD, he will need investors - "The details are just about complete, not revealing anything, and I will soon be marketing for investors" he is quoted as saying.


Training everyday since birth, once Scott was able to fight he applied to join the Royal Guard.

His application was accepted, and he had to wait a short while as CO HazzN was creating new units. Scott was assigned to squad Alpha 5 under the command of Sergeant Apple Dave.


Scott is a member of the Liberal Social Democrats or LSD, but so far has not been further involved within the party. His ambitions to own and run his own company is taking precedence at the moment.


As yet, Scott has no media career, but is open to the idea and suspects that in the future it will become a major part of his life.


Scott is a member of the eUK forums and participates across many of the hot topics. He would urge everybody to join there and have their say amongst the men and women of eRepublik.