Semper Pro Patria

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Semper Pro Patria

Semper Pro Patria.jpg

Home is where heart is!

General Information
Formation - Day 910 of The New World
Country Flag-Romania.jpg Romania
Colors Dark Blue
Total Soldiers 188
Commanded by ioaa
2nd Commander MrBogdan and priviticerul numa praz

Semper Pro Patria is a part of Romanian Army and it's founded on Day 910 of the New World by the Fedors (fedora dlc and Fedor DSD). The headerquarter of SPP if formed by commander ioaa and 2nd commander JohnyWind and priviticerul numa praz.

General informations

Link in the game: Semper Pro Patria
Date of creation: Day 910 of the New World
Comamander : ioaa
Information on recruitment: level 20 + interview
An obligation to work in companies: YES
Recruiting officer: ioaa, galadrael, MrBogdan, priviticerul numa praz and ALS23
Public channel: #spp-recrutari (server Rizon)
Official Newspaper: Semper Pro Patria