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Speech balloon.png User-created position

This page contains elements/concepts/ideas which are NOT part of eRepublik features.

The Senate is a user-created position that exists in many Nations such as the Netherlands. The Senate consists of forum administrators and keeps things moving along. The Senate is to take appropriate action against forum members who are acting inappropriately in that section of the forum. An appropriate action might be temporary or permanent dismissal from the forum or from a particular issue.

The Senate is able to create new forum sections, delete old forum sections, give warnings to members who conduct inappropriate behavior, and basically make sure everything is functioning correctly on the forums.

It is expected that the Senate will remain neutral and impartial at all times.

Note there are some exceptions and variations to the above. In Australia the term Senate is used in place of the in-game term Congress and its elected members are known as Senators instead of the American term Congressman or Congress member. The Australian Senate fulfills its in-game functions such as passage of legislation under game mechanics and is home to a robust mixture of in-game and citizen-created laws for the benefit of the community on their official forum.

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*There are different minister position, some are official, some not, but all are mentioned in article Minister
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*There are different minister position, some are official, some not, but all are mentioned in article Minister
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