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Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg eRepublikan
National rank 563
Date of birth 672 del Nuevo Mundo
Residence Andalucia
Newspaper Esta Pasando
congressman of Spain
February – March 2010
President of ASD
April – 2010
Preceded by Lleiko
Succeded by Jorge republicano
Secretary of public image of ASD
December – 2009
Secretary Organization and internal coordination of ASD
February – March 2010
Electoral organizing secretary of DP
November, December – 2010
Recruitment and Membership Secretary of DP
November, December – 2010
Minister of Ministry of Communication of Spain
May – 2010
IAN Tutor of Valencia
May – 2010
IAN Tutor of Murcia
October – 2010
Ambassador of Venezuela
March, April and May – 2010
Vice-Minister of Communication of Spain
May and June – 2010
National Army FFAA
Position Tank
Rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal

Warning: translation provided by google xD

Sevillafc is a Spanish citizen born on the day 672 of the new world community of Andalusia (Brazilian occupied). Had to migrate to Asturias, where it would install and learn to manage in the new world to expect from power in a future return to the land of his birth.

Recognized citizen and writer of the newspaper "Esta Pasando"has a YouTube channel devoted to videos of battles with regular updates eR

Medals won so far:

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 8x Hard Worker
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 2x Congress member.
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif 1x Media Mogul.
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 1x Battle Hero.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 3x Super Soldier.


Extensive review of narrating his life through the different modules in which it has participated

Arrival at New World

Attracted by some comments in an Internet forum (which later discover available in this eWorld) a young man eager to discover and enjoy erepublik was recorded in the hope of finding out if what I saw was really true.

Thus,Sevillafc born on 22 August 2009 (672 of the New World) in the region of Andalusia.

The beginnings were not easy, without any support, soon discovered that little had auella community of Spanish. Under the Brazilian domain, the first few weeks were difficult to get back to Spain, but finally got a ticket to Asturias (The only region with hospital Q5) with the best they could save money in those hard days of confusion over the possibilities offered by its new evid.

"If something's different about eRepublik is the importance of their community"

Soon, thanks in part to the press, sevillafc found different ways to interact with other players eR. Thus, he discovered that this forum with which he happened to be the center of all activity of Spanish: unified Forum Spain.

Thus, as the September 25, 2009, was recorded sevillafc unified forum. Taking an activity so far pretty good,is one of the Top 15 posters on the forum.

Later known IRC management and the various channels through official bulletins eEspaña

"Esta Pasando"

Avatar the newspaper used by sevillafc
And the day came. With the savings and earning 5 gold that was given at that time citizens arriving at some level, sevillafc had the need to eWorld their concerns, spending 2 gold in his paper "is happening."

our article presentation was very well received with 43 votes and 14 comments of support.

The desire to write did not stop and in his second run, the well-known citizen was offered Ardashir for an interview. The acceptance of that interview and the desire to continue, made 2 days later, could conduct an interview with the Prime Minister Taguaro

Then come great items arising from the war with Varnish and the conquest of France in December 2009, becoming the newspaper in a "war diary" with daily newspapers and telling the situation of our troops and the rest of Eden all the eWorld. This article was the beginning of that glorious era for newspaper

The work was public recognition to the achievement of the first Media Mogul (1000 subscribers) on day 782 of the new world. This article is thanked all citizens for their support.

War with Varnish and first "Chocopuntos"

Note:" chocopuntos The term is commonly associated with famosso Forfeit points or penalty points"

In those months of training and knowledge of the game, the press was dominated by comments about sectarians who called themselves "followers of Varnish" spam flooding the press with his famous and known message

Here we see the above in mind the famous varnish sasha gray

503 Service Unavailable Error'''''''

''''' Service Unavailable

Meditation Guru :''''''''''

XID: 460679933 Varnish'''

Soon, people grew tired of seeing articles inundated with that message. Among them, sevillafc. And so began the war with varnish and with it my first "choco points in this game. The war with the followers of varnish had not just begun.

Numerous articles of humiliation to the sect and its ongoing actions "fail" began to appear: Example 1, Example 2 and thus the number of sectarian taunts by mp (over 125) and their official forum, where they had to sevillafc as one of the main enemies of the sect.

In this situation, sevillafc found support in a number of citizens from other ideology trying tovear the sect. That aroused the interest of sevillafc but came to nothing, the project was forgotten.

Gradually, the sect began to decline in activity, the comments in the press began to decline and the effect of protest is felt enough.

Started in 2010, sevillafc term through contact with any member who months earlier had been his enemies, thanks to the spam wars made famous in the neighboring country, France.

All was forgotten, and the time of fighting, which turned out quite fun, was fading with the passage of time.

Conquest of France, COE, Hispanic and FFAA Legion

Eager to discover the military module, soon came to the ears of sevillafc the creation of militias to fight for eEspaña around the eWorld.

So he met the COE (Corps Special Operations) where he was a few weeks fighting for Spain in places like the U.S. against the Hungarian invaders as relates this article.

With the passage of time and for reasons unknown to me, the COE militant body destroyed and many of its members founded the Spanish Legion militia, joining sevillafc as a militiaman.

Poster used by LH for recruitment

The conquest of France with Spanish Legion in December 2009 represented one of the happiest times since entering the new eWorld. Battles and the conquest of Paris narrated in his newspaper was a of over many battles taking place as a militiaman from the body

After the victory of France, many of the Legion members were leaving the military Hispanic to enter the official state body. The armed forces.

Sevillafc took over the February 23, 2010, entering the babyFFAA (Corps of learning for the future soldiers of the armed forces.) After a month of activity, was promoted to the armed forces, formed part of the today and defending the interests of eEspaña and EDEN, getting his first BH with this framework.

Uper and ASD

After several weeks in the game and looking for new challenges, sevillafc was set at a party worker (I have more congressmen who matches TOP 5), at the time, led by the famous lleiko uper. Joining in December 2009, he managed to befriend many of its members and hold positions of responsibility within the party, was secretary of public image.

Over the months, uper saw the need for fusion derivative of the few opportunities open to him to be an alternative party to the policy "dictatorial" from back then, while FC PRO and always in government.

Thus began a series of talks with different parties to establish a new one. Sevilla FC took part in that commission merger would result in ASD party, arising from the merger between the IDE and uper mythical match.

In ASD, sevillafc became an active member of translating all the experience gained since its inception in December. There's got to be secretary of internal organization for several months, organizing elections, party chairman and congressman for Balearic thanks to the courtesy of Project Fenix square.

After a few months off, thanked all the colleagues of the work and said goodbye to the game for some time to seek new challenges.

Today, militates sevillafc DP, party ideology similar to ASD

Today ...

Currently sevillafc remains an active player in eR (Ingame as Outgames) being a member of the Spanish armed forces, participating in the Democratic Party and helping Plural, as guardian of the IAN that is, the rookies come into play in the community Murcia .

Economic Module


With an organization that bears his name, sevillafc currently sits on two companies (Wheat and weapons) they sell to Spain and Poland, having also owned a business in the past Titanium in Canada.

Still looking for that magic formula to get decent benefits in this world so complicated and competitive.

Newspaper Module

Periodic "The Turning"

Many articles published by sevillafc since October 2009. With Media Mogul achieved and narrating historical events as the conquest of France. Currently, the newspaper is idle to expect to find the time and enthusiasm that led him to write.

link you can view all items created in the paper

Military Module

Militias and Armed Forces

As a soldier, sevillafc has belonged to the militia of COE and Legion Hispana between September and February 2009-2010.

Later, he managed to get into the babyffaa on February 23, 2010, earning his promotion to the main body just a month later.

As a soldier of the armed forces, sevillafc has fought in numerous battles throughout the eWorld, from Liaoning to eEspaña defense or conquest of NOB by our troops.

It was in the military where he got his first Battle Hero, with a damage of 9209 and in the region of Andhra Pradesh. Currently remains an active and committed member.

First BH sevillafc

Politico Module

Uper, ASD and PD

Games like uper, ASD and PD (The latter, now) have had sevillafc ranks.

It was in December 2009, when sevillafc began in the uper political party. There's got to be secretary of public image for several weeks.

Logo of the party ASD

Uper disappear after the merger with IDE, created ASD reach sevillafc party where various positions and ultimately formed from experience to work in the future with any other team.

Thus, he became secretary of internal organization, organizing elections, party chairman and congressman by the square courtesy of PF.

After a rest period in eR, ASD decided to leave to start new projects. He decided to help Bolivia to Argentina fight in Congress, being with Bolivian citizenship several weeks.

Finally, returning to Spain and joined the DP to start from scratch and embark on a new adventure

Charges responsibility

The following are the various positions he has taken sevillafc from its beginnings to the present in erepublik:

- Secretary's public image uper (December 2009)

- Secretary Organisation and internal coordination of ASD (February, March 2010 )

- Congressman by Baleares (February, March 2010 )

- President of ASD (April 2010 )

- Ambassador of Spain in Venezuela (March, April and May 2010 )

- Deputy Minister of Communications (May, June 2010 )

- Sub-Tutor IAN by Valencia (May 2010 )

- IAN tutor for Murcia (October 2010-Today )

- Participant in the commission of a merger between IDE and uper

- Ex-militiaman COE and Legion Hispana (LH )

- Member of the Spanish armed forces

- Citizen Bolivia (Combat TO)


- The name comes from sevillafc Spanish soccer team: Sevilla Futbol Club

- Many are the avatars that sevillafc been used. All football-themed and special events coinciding with marked days or weeks.

- Your avatar is made by the shield of Sevilla Football Club and the background, the flag of Spain.

- It was the first to include the word "BOETADO" as a comment in the official gazette.

Some of the avatars sevillafc