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Sevillafc eRepublik Elite Citizen

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Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg Spanish
National rank 55
Date of birth Sep 22, 2009
Day 672 of the New World
Residence Andalucia
Sex Male
Political party Partido Viejuno
Newspaper Esta Pasando
Congress member of Spain
February – March 2010
Party president of ASD
April – May 2010
Preceded by Lleiko
Succeeded by Jorge republicano
Minister of Communication of Spain
May – 2010
Ambassador of Venezuela
March – June 2010
Vice-Minister of Communication of Spain
May – July 2010
Military unit Partido ViejunoSasha Grey's Army.
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Sevillafc is a Spanish citizen. Press director of the newspaper "Esta Pasando". Has a YouTube channel devoted to videos of battles.

Under construction

Under construction

Military Module

Militias and Armed Forces

As a soldier, sevillafc has belonged to the militia of COE and Legion Hispana between September and February 2009-2010.

Later, he managed to get into the babyffaa on February 23, 2010, earning his promotion to the main body just a month later.

As a soldier of the armed forces, sevillafc has fought in numerous battles throughout the eWorld, from Liaoning to eEspaña defense or conquest of NOB by our troops.

It was in the military where he got his first Battle Hero, with a damage of 9209 and in the region of Andhra Pradesh. Currently remains an active and committed member.

Charges responsibility

The following are the various positions held by Sevillafc:

  • Secretary's public image uper (December 2009)
  • Secretary Organisation and internal coordination of ASD (February, March 2010 )
  • Congressman by Baleares (February, March 2010 )
  • President of ASD (April 2010 )
  • Ambassador of Spain in Venezuela (March, April and May 2010 )
  • Deputy Minister of Communications (May, June 2010 )
  • Sub-Tutor IAN by Valencia (May 2010 )
  • IAN tutor for Murcia (October 2010)
  • Soldier for COE and Legion Hispana (LH )
  • Member of the Spanish armed forces
  • Citizen Bolivia (Combat TO)


  • The name comes from sevillafc Spanish soccer team: Sevilla Futbol Club
  • Many of the avatars he user are football-themed and some other special events.
  • Avatar is made by the shield of Sevilla Football Club and the flag of Spain.
Some of the avatars sevillafc