Shiloh DeGreat

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Shiloh DeGreat

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Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
National rank 389
Date of birth Aug 17, 2009
Residence Limpopo
Sex Male
Political party Constitutional Equality Party
Newspaper DeGreat's DeBates
Military unit South African Armed Forces
Squadron Parabats
Position Platoon Leader
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant.png Lieutenant
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Shiloh DeGreat Born on Day 389 of the New World

Early Life

Shiloh DeGreat was born in Icon-USA.png USA as an invited friend of Travis Miles Granger. Shortly afterward, Travis and his multitude of followers migrated to Icon-South Africa.png South Africa, where Travis created the Associates of General Wellness. Shiloh, being one of these followers, went with him. But this didn't last long as Travis quit not long afterwards, leaving many of the "Granger Babies" to quit or two-click.

Shiloh had joined the Shocktroopers of the South African Armed Forces at this time, though this was quickly abandoned as he began two clicking in the eUSA. This went on for months until January 2010 when Shiloh decided to devote more time to the game and moved back to his companions in Icon-South Africa.png South Africa. He reunited with the remaining Granger Babies and rejoined the AGW, which was reformed into the Naturalist Party of South Africa a month later. He also joined the Parabats during this time.

Military Life

During the consistent PTO threats of eSA, Shiloh remained a Parabat working for eSAAF companies stationed outside eSA, participating in pre-reset attacks, and even the occasional economic sabotage. During his military career he saw the shift of power from Ali Mentary to zamrg and participated on Operation Save Goats, a pre-reset attack that freed Gauteng from Brazilian hands.

Because of his high activity, he was soon offered the role of Commanding Officer in the eSAAF, which he accepted. In May, he became a CO of an entire Parabat Platoon, joining the ranks of High Command. In the same month, he resigned from Parabats to pursue a political career. He transferred to Pretorian Guard and served a term in Congress. He soon realized that he enjoyed military more and applied for Assegai, having recently reached the strength requirement.

During his stay in Assegai, Shiloh once again rose in the ranks to command another platoon. Once eRepublik Rising was introduced, eSAAF began to dissolve, so he began to pursue other careers.

Life Without eSAAF, SEES Afrika, and Conversion to Dioism

With no military, Shiloh began to focus more on politics and community. With South Africa now PTO'd, a new threat came to Icon-South Africa.png South Africa through the form of good intentions. SEES, an infamous international group, was creating a new division in Africa. While not a malicious group, the one spearheading was a declared enemy of the state. Shiloh, who was familiar with SEES through mutual friends as well as being introduced to them while stationed in Karnataka, spoke to the leaders of SEES, including the Fuhrer himself, and was declared the new Grand Vizier of SEES Afrika, absolving the party of any malicious intent. He then began to push for recruitment, but the name had been tainted by the previous leader. In an effort to win over the public, he attempted to ATO the PTO party, an effort that would end in failure and further endanger Icon-South Africa.png South Africa. With little to no membership and poor opinion from the public, SEES Afrika died on the operating table.

After a period of inactivity, Shiloh returned in October with an article on politics, a change of pace from the massive SEES recruitment articles he had previously been posting; in fact he did not mention SEES or plans for political activity at all. His return came at the peak of the Pakistani-Indian conflict in which Max McFarland 2 was spearheading an invasion of Icon-India.png India in a holy war. Shiloh was invited to participate, and having nothing better to do, he accepted and officially resigned from the eSAAF. Upon reaching Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan, he went through the process of Virginization and fought from the Holy Sands of Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan to the mud filled streets of Icon-India.png India, killing in the name of God Emperor Dio Brando. During one of these battles, he saw members of the eSAAF fighting against him and soon left the regiment less than a week after joining out of respect for his fellow citizens. Seeking fortune, he traveled to the Icon-USA.png USA once more to find work, but was denied citizenship. Soon afterwards, he returned to Icon-South Africa.png South Africa.

Return to eSouth Africa, eSAAF, and Politics

When Shiloh officially resigned from the eSAAF, it was just starting to be restructured. When he came back to eIcon-South Africa.png South Africa, it already had a form but lacked members. And so he applied for the Parabats. Despite his recent activities in Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan, he was immediately given the rank Lieutenant, and a platoon to command. He has so far maintained this rank.

Having spent most of his time outside of eIcon-South Africa.png South Africa, most of Shiloh's political knowledge came from his fellow NPSA party members such as Seisan, Stryke Blayde, Tenshibo, and Champinator. In December, South African President Fhaemita Malodorous proposed a deal with the PTOers that would free Icon-South Africa.png South Africa once and for all. This move outraged a small group of citizens, including Shiloh who posted articles against the deal which ultimately benefited Icon-South Africa.png South Africa. During this time, Shiloh along with most NPSA members aligned with other like-minded South Africans to form the Constitutional Equality Party. Then, late December, Shiloh became the running mate for Al Kazar for February CP, losing to Krimpiekat. Shiloh, still wanting to participate in politics, then ran for a successful Congressional term in February