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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
National rank Citizen
Date of birth Day 693
Residence Scotland
Political party The Unity Party
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant.png Sergeant
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

SimonBrodie is a citizen of The United Kingdom. He is a new citizen but hopes to become more and more active as his knowledge and experience grows over time.


At the moment SimonBrodie is a resident of eScotland and is quite content to stay there as it is his spiritual home, besides there are a lot of sheep and pretty hills.

Unfortunately there is not much else, except a Quality 5 hospital.

SimonBrodie is often confused with a citizen of a similar name,(Mr. Brodie), much to his frustration, the two citizens are polar opposites. One is alive, the other not so much.


SimonBrodie started working for food production company Nelson Foods but soon fell out of favour with them as the promised bonus for 80 Wellness was not forthcoming. After an almost comedic argument with the GM, SimonBrodie moved on to another company to get his rightful wage.

After a few days, he left and joined the CCB commune, where he happily remains to this day.

On day 722, SimonBrodie was awarded his first Hard Worker Medal, for 30 consecutive days of work.

Political Career

SimonBrodie chose to become a member of The Unity Party very early as he enjoyed the propaganda. Also, he likes to side with the most likely winners.

On day 702 of the new world, he became a full member of the pary, and has lately actively assisted Mr Woldy's campaign for his second term as country president.

Military Career

SimonBrodie was first exposed to battle on the day after his birth, where he merely watched the entire fight for Nordjylland from afar, the UK's first win abroad against the Swedes , as he wasn't yet old enough to contribute.

You can read what was said about the epic battle there (and abroad) by the UK Prime Minister here

SimonBrodie took up arms for the first time on Day 698, where he fought against the horrid resistance in Midtjylland. As it turned out this was for the wrong side, because he had not read the military orders properly. It seemed at the time that someone had devised a cunning plan. Certainly, the 10 damage inflicted will have had no bearing on things, but proved to be a lesson learned.

Simon fought in the war to defend Nordjylland on day 734, gaining the rank of sergeant and his first SuperSoldier medal.

Future Plans and Ambitions

He will become more politically active, working for TUP, happily contributing to the party in whatever capacity he called upon to take. If they will have him. It is an aspiration to one day run for congress, and use the gold received in that position to forward Scottish interests and help new players.

The future intention is to start a company within Scotland to provide employment within the region.

SimonBrodie will continue to fight and train as often as is required, so that he may become a useful contributor to the military.