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Sir Graystar

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User SirGraystar.jpg
Nationality Flag-UK.jpg British
National rank 97
Date of birth 17 August 2008
Residence South East of England
Political party The Unity Party
Under Minister of Information of United Kingdom
7th October 2008 – 7th November 2008
Congressman of South East of England
26th February – 26th April
Rank Icon rank Private.png [[Military rank|Icon General.jpg General]]

Sir Graystar is a citizen of the United Kingdom. He is active on the eUK Forums and a valued contributor to many discussions.


Sir Graystar was a member of The Unity Party and a member of Movement for Democratic Unity. He then moved back to The Unity Party. He is now a congressman in the South East of England, and is playing a major part in furthering the South East of England Council, along with his fellow congressmen.

He is a major contributor to the eRepublik Wiki, especially articles regarding the Unity Party. See his user page here.


Sir Graystar owns and works for Ten Tech Oil. He also owns part of Ten Tech Bread and Ten Tech Timber. He is a founder of the Oil Owners Federation.


he has achieved a military rank of Icon rank General.png General, and was awarded 3 Super Soldier medals.

He has been a soldier since August 17th, and his strength is currently 15.95