Slovenska Koalicia

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Slovenská Koalícia

General Information
Country Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakia
Abbreviation SK
Colors Red & Blue
Founded 2 November 2008
President Rumpil
Members 70
Congress Occupancy 10/40 seats, 31.25%
Succeeds Slovak National Council
Ideology Libertarian


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Slovenská Koalícia is a political party in Slovakia. It transformed from Slovak National Council party after slovak citizens imigrate to Central Slovakia.


  • 20th August 2008 - Artur Fabre, Baci, Manthess and Ohio decided to create an organisation called Slovak National Council-Slovenská Národná Rada for representative semi-official Slovak policy within Czech Republic, where lot of Slovaks had ran up after Hungary-Czech Republic War. The foreign policy of SNC-SNR was different as foreign policy of Czech Republic
  • August/September 2008- Lot of Slovaks in Czech Republic joined and donated this organisation
  • September/October 2008- Slovaks in SNC-SNR who perform in United Slavs Party, decided to create their own party - Slovak National Council - Slovenská Národná Rada Party. Founder of this party was Baci. This party continued in official slovak negotations with Romania and Hungary about Slovak liberation.
  • 30th October 2008 - Slovaks emigrate from Czech Republic to Romania for resistance fight and SNC-SNR party drop its existence, although SNC-SNR organisation headquarters stayed in Czech Republic
  • 2nd November 2008 - Slovakia has been liberated and people around Slovak National Council-Slovenská Národná rada organisation and party asked for recreated party. The new party called Slovenská Koalícia was founded by Artur Fabre.