Social Democratic Party (Switzerland)

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Social Democratic Party

Party-Social Democratic Party (Switzerland).png
General Information
Country Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Abbreviation SDP
National rank 1
Forum Forum
Founded September 2014
President Joseph Rich
Vice President mungos032
Members 19
Congress Occupancy 8/20 seats, 40%
Succeeds Anti-Imperialist Movement
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Social Democratic Party is the largest political party in Switzerland. It was renamed to Suiss Resistance sometime in first half of 2015 when Romanian PTO group was active. The old name was restored in January 2016, when multipolar system was restored in Switzerland.

Party-Social Democratic Party (Switzerland) statute.png



Article 1: The political orientation

SDP is a political organization in the online game eRepublik. SDP is primarily a group of friends who socialize, help each other and responsibly helping Switzerland to become the strongest, most respected country e-world.

Article 2: The effect and operation of the SDP

SDP will in their actions to achieving the objectives set by party program, cooperate with all those who share the same or similar orientation. Work and activities of the SDP are public, open and accessible to all members and supporters as well as subject to criticism.

The public is informed about the work through party newspapers, discussions on the chat channel, as well as in other ways.

Article 3: The name and symbols

Old logo

Full name of party is Social Democratic party of Switzerland, which can be written as an SDP.

SDP is represented by a symbol (logo): Gear and class of wheat as symbols of socialism with the Swiss flag in the middle. Gear is red, symbolizing socialism.

The basic color of the SDP is dark red.

Article 4: Statuses in the chat SDP (# SDPS)

CHAT in the SDP, the following persons have statuses:

  • Owner : party president
  • OP: president, vice president and general secretary of the party;
  • HOP: members of the General Committee and MPs


Article 5 : Membership

All citizens of Switzerland who accept the program and the Statute of the SDP may become members. You can join SDP by using eRepublik party page which contains a list of all members.

If member of party must leave Switzerland, and it’s not on the official list of members, he is still considered a member of the party (participating in the party).

In case that a member of the SDP does not comply with the provisions of the Statute and the party program, the main board may limit the participation of the individual in the party even though he or she is still officially on the list of members in eRepublik. In this case, the individual can not participate in the activities of the party, to elect and be elected.

Article 6: Rights and duties of members

All members of the SDP are equal in their rights and duties, to elect and be elected, nominated and influence the adoption of party decisions, laws and general political activity of the party.

Obligations of members are reflected in regular information through the official media of the SDP, attending the work of which they were elected, access to the answers to the questions of other members and the citizens of Switzerland, as well as to comply with the programming principles and the statute of the SDP.

Article 7: The right of minorities

SDP members who disagree with the decisions of the majority, have the right to join together within the SDP and continue to represent their views within the party organs and not to obstruct the implementation of major decisions taken.


Article 8: Organization of SDP

SDP is organized as follows:

  • The Main Board
  • The President
  • Vice President
  • The Secretary-General

Article 9: The Main Board

The main board is the highest authority and is constantly active on Swiss forum (SDP section It consists of all the registered users who are also members of the SDP on eRepublik. Legitimacy registered member, member of the SDP establishes general secretary of the SDP who can publicly challenge the vote of the members.

Article 10: Responsibilities of the Main Board

  • Selects candidates for the position of president of the SDP
  • Public discussion of all aspects of work and activities of the SDP and its organs.

Article 11: Jurisdiction of the Main Board

SDP's Main Board has random number of members and is elected every month after the election of the party president.

Competence of the General Board are:

  • Elects and dismisses Vice-President;
  • Elect and dismiss the Secretary General;
  • Decide on the party's official candidate for the post of president of the party;
  • Shall be withdrawn by the party president by a two thirds majority of the members of the Main Board;
  • Limit the participation of individual members of the SDP and the party's work in terms of Article 5 of the Statute;
  • Propose a draft statute and program of the party;
  • At the suggestion of the President or Vice President, brings electoral program of the party and decide on participation in elections;
  • Determines the course of the campaign for the elections;
  • Determines the current party policies;
  • Approves program and statutes, as well as any amendments and supplements;
  • Decides on the election and post-election coalitions;
  • Analyze and evaluate the results of the election;
  • Run public officials from the ranks of the party;
  • Determines the electoral list for the election of members of Congress;
  • Selects candidates for president of Switzerland ahead of the SDP;
  • Formed teams as needed and supervise their work;
  • Establishes and controls the work of teams of SDP

Meetings of the Main Board may be open or closed to members of the party which is the main board declares a majority vote. The President, Vice President or Secretary General of the session may invite persons who are not members of the party to participate in them, but without voting rights.

Article 12: The procedure for the election of members of the Main Board

After the party elections, the 16th of the month, the new party president appoints the random number of members of the Main Board, which had previously been active in the work.

Article 13: The President

  • Represent the SDP in public;
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with the presidents of other parties and state institutions;
  • Appoints the members of the Main Board;
  • Propose the election list for Congress to Main Board;
  • Approve the electoral list for Congress;
  • Proposes to the Main Board the SDP candidate for President of Switzerland;
  • Approve SDP candidate for President of Switzerland;
  • Convene and preside at meetings of the Main Board;
  • Appoint Councillor
  • In case of absence or lack of a quorum of Main Board, in urgent circumstances, make decisions within the competence of the Main Board, which has the main board at the next meeting to confirm.

Article 14: Party president elections

SDP president is elected by the 15th of each month under the rules of the game eRepublik.

Candidates for president must present their candidacy on the official forum (, and signed her to support at least three members of the party. One member of the SDP can support only one candidate for party president.

After the presentation of the candidacy of the forum, the candidate shall inform the Secretary-General who can then access to support to request amendment of this list. Only by meeting these requirements and confirmation of the Secretary General, the applicant may submit a bid on eRepublik. All candidates who meet the requirements are referred to as "official candidates under the provisions of the Statute of the SDP." The Main Board may designate one candidate as "the official candidate of the decision of the Main Board."

Exceptionally, if the Main Board for objective reasons can not meet or no quorum, the nominations can be verified and the Secretary General alone, but that decision should be confirmed by the main board at the next meeting.

All nominations that are submitted under this procedure shall not be considered valid.

The deadline for submitting nominations is no later than 48 hours prior to the elections, and for their verification no later than 24 hours before the election. No later than 24 hours before the election lists are locked in the official newspaper of the party forum and publish the names of candidates who meet the requirements.

Article 15: Revocation of the President

President of the SDP's, Main Board may remove the majority if it finds that the President his actions violated the statute, the party's program or if his public resignation caused damage to the party.

Dismissed the president is obliged to resign.

Under the rules of eRepublik, first on the list of members of the SDP will assume the presidency while Vice President will continue his job with close work with Main Board.

Article 16: Appointment, removal and jurisdiction of the Vice President

Vice-President is elected and dismissed by the main board by majority vote, and the proposal of the president of the party. Election of Vice takes place after the election of the Board from among the elected members of the General Board. You can choose up to two vice-presidents while necessarily choose one.


  • Represent the SDP in public;
  • Changes the president of the SDP when he or she is not present;
  • Preside at meetings of the General Board in the absence of the party president;
  • Performs other duties under the authority given by the President or by the decision of the Main Board;
  • Manages the party newspaper.
  • The Main Board can dismiss the Vice President by majority vote.

Article 17: Appointment, removal and jurisdiction of the Secretary-General

Secretary-General appoints and dismisses the Main Board by majority vote, on the proposal of the president of the party. Selection of the Secretary-General shall be made after the election of the Board from among the members of the Main Board.

The Secretary-General:

  • Represent the SDP in public;
  • Supervises the work of party organs;
  • Confirms or rejects incomplete candidacy for president of the SDP;
  • Performs other duties at the discretion of the Main Board;
  • Submit reports on the Main Board of the party forum;
  • Coordinate the work of teams parties and ensure the inflow of funds for electoral purposes the party.
  • The Main Board can dismiss the Secretary General of the majority.


Article 18: Amendment and Statute changes

In accordance with Article 11 of the Statute, any proposed amendment adopts or rejects the SDP Main Board.

Article 19 : The validity of the statute

The validity of the statute begins immediately after the voting of Main Board ends.


Icon position party president.gif List of Party Presidents
Citizen4346268 v4.jpg mungos032 September 2014 January 2015
Citizen1898143.jpg Uros012 January 2015 February 2015
Citizen4346268 v4.jpg mungos032 February 2015 March 2016
Citizen1920733 v2.jpg Joseph Rich March 2016 Current