Sons of Anarchy

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Sons of Anarchy

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"A true outlaw finds the balance between the passion in his heart and the reason in his mind. The outcome is the balance of might and right."

General Information
Formation February 2011
Country Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Total Soldiers 22
Commanded by DeViLu


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Sons of Anarchy is a military unit created around February 2011 in Switzerland. Their main achievement so far was starting a resistance war in Romandie, thus freeing it from France and helping Switzerland achieve a national goal.

Born in Anarchy, lives in Switzerland[1]

  • 1. When were Sons of Anarchy formed?

The unit is quite new compared to the age of some of its' members and was formed about two months ago by a bunch of people who got tired with their boring eRepublik lives and wanted something more.

  • 2. Why did you name your unit SoA? Were you fans of the TV series, or just thought it was a cool name?

The name is indeed inspired from the TV series, but it's not just a cool name.
We wanted something that will not tie us to any country or political group, and I think we got it.
Now it's up to the people behind the name to give it further meaning.

  • 3. What motivated you to choose Switzerland as your base? Were you based somewhere else before Switzerland?

Switzerland is a neutral country and this would allow us to participate in battles regardless which alliances are involved and without repercussions on the country.

  • 4. Would you care to comment on constant state of alert/fear of PTO groups, that's omnipresent among Swiss population?

We are well aware of this issue and it is one of the main reasons we want to stay away from politics as much as possible. We have no reason to further increase this state.

  • 5. Based on names and avatars, one can only speculate about the national composition of your unit. Would you care to disclose where do SoA hail from?
  • 6. Did you know your unit members before the creation of the unit or there was a formal candidacy procedure?

Naming countries and nationalities would only intensify the speculation about our intentions, which I want to make clear by the end of this interview.
All I can say is that the unit is multi-national, some of us know each other from real life and some met right here during the V1 or Rising eras.
The unit is new, but its' members go way back. No formal candidacy was needed in this case.

  • 7. Do you pay attention to political climate here, and if yes, what do you think about it?

As I said before, we are well aware of what's going on, but apart from the fact that it is a sad view and that we need better politicians, I can't comment any further without choosing sides.

  • 8. Dr.Pain informed the public that you funded RW in Romandie. Was that the only time you formally contacted Swiss government?

We usually contact the CP when we are unsure or there are no official orders regarding a battle in articles.
Such an occasion was during the TW with Austria when at some point things almost got out of hand.
It was the battle for Graubunden if I recall well.

  • 9. What motivated you to initiate RW in Romandie?

As I commented before, we saw this opportunity to take advantage of what was happening in France at that time. They were busy with more important battles, so the SoA thought it was perfect for a blitzkrieg.
However we armed ourselves to the teeth because we were not expecting much support, being a surprise attack. Only Dr.Pain, the president at that time, knew of our plan.
As it turned out, we hardly had to interfere in the last mini-battles, Switzerland responded quite fast.
Although it looked like we took matters into our own hands, I believe that it was what the people truly wanted and not just us - Switzerland with all it's regions.
We were just the ones to carry the flag.

  • 10. Having that in mind, would you mind cooperating with Swiss government in times of need in the future? Have you ever thought about it?

SinceeSwitzerland is our home, I would consider to be an act of treason if any member of SoA will not defend it when the time comes.
On the other hand, we are not political-puppets so we might not rush headlong into just any battle the CP might ask us to.
When it comes to defending or RW, however, I can assure you we will be there no matter what.

  • 11. Do SoA have any ideology? What level of political freedom is there for your members?

As I mentioned before, we don't want to interfere with politics so our members are asked not to join any political party, not to mention participate in elections.
As some of you already know, one of our members is running for PP in SNP. He has announced his resignation from SoA in case he is elected.
Unit members are allowed to express their political views and vote freely without any constraint from the unit.

  • 12. How important is the public image of your unit?

More important are our achievements on the battlefield and that people trust us. The battle for Romandie is something that we're proud of.
Trust on the other hand is something that is hard to obtain and we know that it will take a lot more won battles to earn it.

  • 13. Do you see yourselves as defenders of the nation or as a freelance task force?

We are both. If we would rely only on battles in Switzerland we wouldn't have much activity. Everyone crosses borders every now and then just to train in a battle and come back.
We do this as a team and even try to help the defending country in a battle. If that defending country is Switzerland, we will be twice as motivated to defend it.

  • 14. What do you think about constant changes in game mechanics and how do they affect unit's operations?

Our main concern is the military module, because we have to adapt our tactics to it. It's a constant challenge, but the last changes helped us in Romandie.

  • 15. Would you care to comment on existence of grand alliances, and how does that affect your activities?

We haven't stepped on any toes until now and keeping the unit neutral is one of our priorities.
I hope people will understand if at some point we help defend Turkey from being invaded by the Greeks and the next day we defend Greece from other invaders, for example.

  • 16. Do you ever plan to recruit new members?

Hard to say, but at this time recruiting is our lowest priority.

Sons of Anarchy Visit Switzerland[2]

  • Q: DeViLu, are you the leader or simply a member of the SoA?

A: I am the leader of SoA, but our members are not blind sheep, we have debates and arguments when taking an important decision.
Some members are in charge with managing our supplies and funds, while my main role is to coordinate battles and handle official discussions, such as this one.

  • Q: Why did u decide to start the SoA?

A: It wasn't just me. Along with other players, we were a bunch of people bored with our eRepublik lives and wanted something more.
We gathered our most trusted friends and formed this unit. We are here to fight against invaders, regardless of the nation they invade.

  • Q: Why did you choose to help free Switzerland?

A: As I mentioned, we help those in need, not to mention that Switzerland is our home - so it's double the enthusiasm.

  • Q: Do you have a preference towards a certain alliance? Or a certain group of countries?

A: We haven't stepped on any toes until now and keeping the unit neutral is one of our priorities.
I hope people will understand if at some point we help defend Turkey from being invaded by the greeks and the next day we defend Greece from other invaders, for example.

  • Q: How could a eager recruit join the SoA?

A: There are some basic requirements like: be active daily, be able to follow orders and move wherever the battle takes us, but right now recruiting is our lowest priority, so no new members are wanted.

  • Q: How many nations have you and the SoA helped?

A: We helped Turkey, Croatia and Brazil until now, although the outcome of a battle is not completely up to us. But that does not stop us from trying.

  • Q: Are you up for hire? Or do you refuse to act as mercenaries?

A: We are for hire, but we don't rush headlong into a battle just because we're paid to do so. We mostly fight battles for defence or RW.

  • Q: Are you solely a military group or do you also own companies, have politicians, news moguls, etc. etc.

A: We are a military group with no intention to go into politics or media. We sustain no political party, though our members are allowed to vote freely.
The companies we own are used to provide us with food and weapons and some extra funds. Employees have no restriction, we hire anyone at competitive salaries.