Souran Venomblade

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Souran Venomblade

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Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
Date of birth Day 787 of the New World
Residence Northern Cape
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant**.png Sergeant**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Souran was a South African citizen living in the province of the Northern Cape. He was the recruitment director of the Progressive Party of South Africa, as well a committed member. His wiki page was edited and typed by the Documentation Department of the Warmonger Corporation.

1st Account

Early Life

Souran was born in the ex-South African province of the Western Cape, which is now held by the Indonesian Empire. While he was residing there, he became a part of the Narccist Party, although he didn't support their goals or ideology, he remained with them, to show his commitment when he finally joins a group of people. A while afterwords, he felt the need to assist the USA in World War III, he also knew it would mean wonders for his military experience. While living there, he choose to become part of the America's Advancement Party.

Later Life

After the region of Limpopo was conquered by the South African Liberation Forces, Souran knew he had to return to his motherland, the Republic of South Africa, which had been under Brazilian and Indonesian control for little over 2 months. When the country has finally established itself again, he founded Souran Industries, a leading organization in South Africa, whereas they manufacture weapons. Souran also had a passion for politics.

The Pip-Boy

This was Souran's newspaper, he started it in his early American days, and mainly used it to motivate the troops in their struggle against the PEACE invasion.

2nd Account

When Souran (Venomblade) was reborn on day 787, he knew he had to keep on fighting for his country, South Africa. He is doing so now, he joined the Progressive Party of South Africa and quickly became one of their most trustworthy and loyal members. In return, Souran was appointed the recruitment director.


  • Souran's (1st Account) newspaper, company, and avatar, relate to the pc-game series, Fallout.
  • Souran's (2nd Account) newspaper, Cyrodiil Post, is related to another game made by the same company which made Fallout, Oblivion.

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