Speight's Supporters Party

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Speight's Supporters Party

General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation SSP
Colors Brown and Gold
Founded February, 2011
Dissolved May, 2011
Members 3
Congress Occupancy 0/27 seats, 0%
Succeeds Kiwi Independent Party
Succeeded By Tequila Party
Orientation Centre
Ideology Libertarian

Speight's Supporters Party (February, 2011-May, 2011) was a political party formally active in New Zealand. It has existed under two different versions at various points in NZ history but remained a minor force in each occasion.

History- Version 1

In February, 2011, Crusadercarl (CC), a veteran member of NZ, decided to leave the PnPP and run for PP of the Kiwi Independent Party (KIP) which had gone into decline following WelshLads withdrawal. After winning, he thought to dissolve the KIP and form a new party, a party that didn't take politics so serious. He therefore launched the Speight's Supporters Party(SSP).

The party's first test was the February, 25 Parliamentary elections. It surprised many and managed to secure 3 of 40 seats. Its most notable member elected was veteran player Bass Junkie. The party continued to grow, as members seeking a fun time joined it and it soon became a permanent top-five party. It was a huge surprise in the March 5 Presidential elections, where its candidate "Bass" came second to the victory loader with 19%. The party benefited from the PnPP's failure to launch a candidate. It therefore became the default vote for many of their members.

In March, CC, withdrew from the leadership due to RL issues but veteran Australian Larni Kaddlestorm and former PnPP member Mortelbeta faced off for the Party Presidency. An agreement was reached and Larni openly backed Mortel, who was duly elected. The party continued to witness a surge in members as the PnPP proved incapable of getting its "act together". It did however, fall out of the top-five in March, when it also became collateral damage to "Bass" PTO of Aotearoa. However, the ex-Aotearoa members did try to keep it in the top-five.

By April, much had changed in the party. Active members like CC, Larni and PP Mortel, had all withdrawn from the party and re-joined the PnPP. This as only after the latter party had regrouped, elected new leaders and adopted new policies. Therefore the SSP quickly faded as a political force, with only two-clickers or inactive members remaining.

History- Version 2

The SSP returned to activity in NZ in September, when former PP Crusadercarl shifted to the National Front New Zealand (NF) and took over the party after founding PP Balkan Beast migrated to Egypt.

He quickly dissolved the old NF and relaunched the SSP. However, its membership soon collapsed as most either emigrated with Balkan or shifted to the PnPP.

Party Presidents- Version 1

Month Party President Notes
February, 2011 Crusadercarl/Larni Kaddlestorm CC founded the party but resigned mid-way.
March, 2011 Mortelbeta/Larni Kaddlestorm Mortel resigned in late march to rejoin the PnPP.
April, 2011 fapping Assumed PP as highest ranked party member
May, 2011 Nikolic Stefan-komajal Assumed PP as highest ranked party member. Dissolved Party.

Party presidents- Version 2

Month Party President Notes
September, 2011 Crusadercarl CC re-founded the party after dissolving the old National Front.