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Nationality Flag-Finland.jpg Finnish
Date of birth 23 October 2008, day 338
Date of death N/A
Residence Southern Finland
Party president of Liberaali Edistyspuolue
16 December 2009 – 15 January 2010
Preceded by Vastis
Succeeded by Okkius Pyromanius
President of Finland
6 August 2011 – 5 September 2011
Preceded by TTi09
Succeeded by Melmis
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland
5 June 2012 – N/A
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by TheJuliusCaesar
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Squirrel was a Finnish politician, an occasional soldier and a toolsmith.

Appereance in the New World

The scenery of the summoning

It was a cloudy, blustery day when the sage started summoning his long-time friend in the damp woods of Southern Finland. Summoning again, one should add, since the last attempt had failed - perhaps this young world would not have stood the presence of such a creature back then, or he had failed for some other obscure reason. That should not matter anymore, he thought as he traced a circle to the ground, the swaying trees around him colored golden by autumn.

He pushed back his grey hood and started chanting softly, the forest itself almost seeming to resound with the words of power. The stylized circle in the ground started glowing green and he felt a spark of joy - perhaps he would succeed this time, unlike the last time? The melody he was chanting rose higher and the wind seemed to accompany his spell, a strong gust passing by, raising yellow and red leaves from the ground as swirls in the colors of autumn.

The glow of the two-yard-wide circle rose above the ground, forming into a ball in the circle's very middle. The archaist knew he had succeeded even before he felt faintly the presence of his long-time traveling partner, familiar from so many previous worlds.

His chant rose towards its peak, the soft words never meant for any human passing his lips and each word strengthening his friend's presence. As he finished the summoning, he smiled at the crouching figure that had formed in the circle amidst the fallen leaves. "Welcome to the New World."

The figure clad in various shades of grey slowly rose, revealing tufted ears, brownish-grey hair and a female face of calm features above a long scarf. The first comer knew that his friend took a different form for each world, but this one was somehow peculiar. Animal features he had seen on his friend many times, so that wasn't anything new, but somehow this form seemed to fit.

"That name must have really taken some thought", came the mischievous reply. His summoner laughed mirthfully. "There's imagination in this world, trust me, but apparently nobody has used enough of it to come up with a better name."

In plain language

Kuhaa tried to invite Squirrel to the game back in beta, but for some reason the invite never arrived. In the early days of V1, Kuhaa did it again - though verbally, as the game was absolutely sure that an invite had been sent.


Full-body image

Squirrel started working in various companies, earning whatever pay could be earned here and there. Soon a permanent job was available making bread in a company that has now faded into obscure history, known to nobody. Squirrel befriended some fairly notable figures in the Finnish politics, but was for the most part quite inactive.

Squirrel's military career started as a soldier in the Japanese Imperial Army during the self-imposed exile of some Finnish politicians. As the political atmosphere in Finland relaxed, they returned to their beloved homeland as a group that could proudly call themselves friends. Squirrel then joined first the Finnish Hasty Deployment Forces and later the Finnish Rapid Deployment Forces, there becoming a General (by the V1 ranks) and later advancing to the group Wolf.

Squirrel's political career started as Gabriel Lavanche asked the political newbie to be a member of his government in August, 2009. The job, a court coder, was unprecedented at least in Finland but Squirrel still gladly took the job, hoping to learn of the inner workings of the country and contribute something to it. The contributions made in the office were valued enough to keep the job going many more times, occasionally with different names though - in Kuhaa's government the position was called the 'Resident Infomancer', in Stogis's government the 'Minister of Information Technology', in Muffe42's the 'Minister of Coding' etc.

Since the beginning of his career, Squirrel been a member of Liberaali Edistyspuolue, excluding the exile in Japan. Later on the frequent government member's experience was valued enough and Squirrel became the party president starting December, 2009 and was also elected to the Finnish congress and he joined a working group whose aim was to create a constitution for Finland. (Coincidentally, the constitution was later on deemed too complex and unnecessary for the small Finnish society.) Squirrel also worked on the Finnish translation of the game, which unfortunately was delayed indefinitely by the release of eRepublik Rising.

After a period of inactivity in spring 2010, Squirrel has become more active, being a congressman in Finland for three months in a row and joining the Northern Guerilla Division (now defunct and renamed to Pohjoinen Prikaati) and getting his long-standing job as the Court Coder back. This has basically continued since then, with the affiliation of soldiering changing infrequently and the job of the Court Coder being intermittent.


Squirrel has created various tools to be used with eRepublik. The biggest, shiniest and most useful project of these is Rowboat, an IRC bot with very extensive eRepublik information capabilities using the API. For more information, see the homepage of the tools. Most of the tools are currently outdated, being made for V1, but they are getting updated all the time.