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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
National rank 30
Date of birth 03 March 2009
Residence New South Wales
Minister of Finance of Australia
June 09 – July 09
Preceded by Tim09
Succeeded by DARK VORODOR
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia
July 2009 – August 2009
Preceded by Cottus Arci
Succeeded by Zaney
Minister of Defence of Australia
September 2009 – October 2009
Preceded by Ezekiel_Thomas
Succeeded by Timeoin
Sol Adviser of Australia
August 2009 –
Deputy Minister of Defence of Australia
October 2009 – November 2009
Preceded by Iwarrior1
Military unit Australia
Rank Icon rank General.png General

Srg91 is a citizen of Australia. He was born in March 2009 and he is the Press director of newspapers Perspectives, I see.


Srg91 Introduction to IRC and first Congress candidacy, but unsuccessful.
Very important people for Srg91 in this period (VIP in this period): Br0adside, Preditorian, Xavier Griffith, AIP

Creation of Patti and AIRRA agreement, e-pub, redbacks and business. In the second Congress candidacy he was successful and his first Congress term started.
VIP in this period: StewartB, Ranger Bob, Scotywest, Ben P, Timothy Rogers, evil_nut, Preditorian, Cerridwen Voeland (?), Patti11, icey1174

He was again succesfull on Congress elections and he has started his second term as Congress member. MoF apprentice under tim09 and ranger bob.
VIP in this period: Tim09, Cerridwen Voeland

Becoming MoF under Tim09, started negotiations with Indonesia and improvement of Australian relationship between each other, his first Marriage.
VIP in this period: Son of Rambo.

He become MoFA.
VIP in this period: Wizzie_don, Aussie Vegeta, Corny-ratbag, Snayke, Nagyzee, Ariel David, DARK VORODOR (reborn)

He become Sol adviser for Australia.
VIP in this period: Zaney, Forensick (johnny citizen), Reminisce

September - October 2009 His first term as MoD, part of Japan Resistance War (Theo vs Sol), Malaysia vs unknown and operation two fold bay, acting CP.
. VIP in this period: William Shafer, Dean Kong, Cozza, Timeoin, Melchizedek Smith, Hekter, Akki

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