Srpska Demokratska Stranka

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Srpska Demokratska Stranka

Party-Srpska Demokratska Stranka.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Founded 16 June 2009
Dissolved 16 July 2009
Congress Occupancy 23/40 seats, 57%
Succeeds Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka
Succeeded By LIBERTAS

Srpska Demokratska Stranka was established in June 2009, when Serbs led by Sakal_ks made a political takeover of Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka (HDS) and renamed it to Srpska Demokratska Stranka (SDS).

The party last only for one month, but it served its purpose - a great deal of money was transffered from treasury to accounts controlled by Serbia or their allies, mostly Hungary. The complete list is below.

Proposed by Amount Money sent to Link
ekszer 499 CLP holdingsz
delibab 307 ESP United Scandinavian Bank 10598
Varga Balazs 30 GOLD Narodna Banka Srbije 10538
geopaja 12500 HRK Narodna Banka Srbije 10488
zaratusta 38 GOLD Narodna Banka Srbije 10439
Lantos 99999 HRK Hungarian Takeover Unit 10386
AzAlkimista 99999 HRK Narodna Banka Srbije 10259
Shumor 88000 HRK eMagyar Nemzeti Bank 10184
Pegica 750 USD eMagyar Nemzeti Bank 10056
incsaba 99999 HRK Narodna Banka Srbije 9755
Varga Balazs 400 HUF eMagyar Nemzeti Bank 9702
Ysuol 50000 HRK Narodna Banka Srbije 9521
incsaba 4000 HRK Narodna Banka Srbije 9478
zeroni 40000 HRK Narodna Banka Srbije 9315
TOTAL Flag-Croatia.jpg 394498 HRK, Flag-USA.jpg 750 USD, Flag-Chile.jpg 499 CLP, Flag-Hungary.jpg 400 HUF, Flag-Spain.jpg 307 ESP, Icon-gold.gif 68 GOLD