Steven Bosch

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Steven Bosch

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Steven Bosch.jpg
Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
National rank 32
Date of birth 16 March 2009 (NWD 482)
Residence Mpumalanga
Sex Male
Political party Independent Alternative
Congressman of South Africa
Preceded by Ines Schumacher
October 6 2009 – November 5 2009
Succeeded by Enoch Root
March 6 2012 – April 5 2012
Preceded by Enriche2Ribeiro
April 6 2012 – May 5 2012
Military unit Assegai
Rank Icon rank Private.png Private

Steven Bosch is a citizen of South Africa. And is the 16th President of South Africa. Bosch is also the second South African to be elected as President for a third term, after Grimstone.


In his early days, he was a member of the Black Lion Front. He served as South Africa's Director of Intelligence from May to August 2009. He was a founder member of of United South Africa and was its second Party president . He was also VP for Ines Schumacher in August 2009. He served as South African representative to SOL (3 terms) He served 2 terms as South African Minister of Foreign Affairs (November 2009 and June 2010).

And later served as Speaker of Congress in March and April 2010, January and February 2012. He has also served as mentorship director and mentor.

After his presidential terms, Bosch left and joined eUS Airborne, initially starting out in the SA presidential platoon 82/3' eventually ended up being platoon commander of 11/4.

Bosch is currently in the Independent Alternative.

Presidential Elections

Steven Bosch won all of his presidential campaigns with an outright majority.

The first in September 2009, against MaxPayne50', was won by 276 votes (75,62%) to 89 votes (24,38%).

The second, in October 2009 against Philip Francis Exavier Esquire and Mossad, saw Bosch take 211 votes (72,01%) in comparison to Esquire's 62 (21,16%) and Mossad's 20 (6,83%).

His third term, in March 2012 was run against MrWet, where Bosch received 102 votes (76,12%) vs. MrWet's 32 (23,88%).

In April 2012 Bosch ran unopposed for a fourth term.


Icon achievement congressman on.gif 19 x Congress member.

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 26 x Hard Worker.

Icon achievement president on.gif 4 x Country President.

Party president stb.jpg 4 x Party president.

Icon achievement resistance on.gif 1 x Resistance Hero.

Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 82 x Super Soldier.

Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 54 x Battle Hero.