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Nationality Flag-Finland.jpg Finnish
National rank 362
Date of birth 30 March 2009
Residence Western Finland
Sex Male
Political party Kansallisdemokraattinen puolue
Newspaper Talouden Aikakauslehti
President of Finland
6 January – 6 February
Preceded by Patekki
Succeeded by Muffe42
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland
6 August 2009 – 6 September 2009
Served under Gabriel Lavanche
Minister of Communication of Finland
6 July 2009 – 25 July 2009
Served under Erius
Minister of Immigration of Finland
6 June 2010 – 6 July 2010
Served under Ollizu
Congressman of Finland
26 May 2009 – 26 August 2009
26 October 2009 – 26 June 2010
26 May 2011 – 26 June 2011
Military unit Suojeluskunta
Position member
Military rank Icon rank Colonel*.png Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

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Stogis is a former well-known right-wing politician in Finland.

In April 2009, he started his political career in a far-right party called Patriotic People's Party (IKP). Stogis, with his fellow comrades, founded centre-right National Democratic Party on the basis of IKP and was soon one of its leading and most prominent figures, acting as a party president and presidential candidate for three times.

Stogis worked as Minister of Communication in July 2009 but was forced to leave after an inactive period. In August 2009, he was the presidential candidate of right-wing coalition, got 73 votes (18.16%) and started after those elections as a position of Foreign Minister in newly elected cabinet of Gabriel Lavanche. During Autumn 2009 Stogis worked actively in the Parliament (Eduskunta) and party meeting of KDP named him once again as a presidential candidate of party for the elections of December. In these elections Stogis got 79 votes (13.74%). Finally in January 2010, centrist Liberal Progressive Party asked Stogis to its presidential candidate. Stogis, as a candidate of this "national liberal coalition" (LEP+KDP), got 284 votes (46.48%).


"Those were the Days of IKP"

Stogis was born in March 30, 2009 in Southern Finland. It was V1 of the New World and he orientated in manufacturing, because it was the best paid working sector. He joined in Patriotic People's Party (IKP) as soon as it was possible to do. During these days there were five political parties in Finland: centrist Liberal Progressive Party (LEP), governing party, far-right orientated Patriotic People's Party, the main challenger of the government, Blue Party (SP), a basic centre-right party without clear direction, Socialist Party of Finland (SSP), representer of far-left politics and finally Wee-Wee Boys, inside party of the industrial magnates with humorist name.

Stogis thought that only real party, with strong values and vision, was IKP, which membership he took April 9, 2009. IKP pursued Greater Finland with slogan "Return Carelia!" (Karjala takaisin) which ment demanding of Leningrad Oblast. In its propaganda LEP was represented as corrupted insider-party which just mind only the interests of the political Elite (Eliitti). The target was to establish strong fascist-style nation state which would be led by Vihtori, the Leader of IKP, as a dictator.

During spring 2009, IKP tried to goon, with its paramilitary organization, Suojeluskunta, the new-born state of Latvia for gaining gold and a stronghold its policies. This project flopped and just tarnished the public image of IKP. Soon it was revealed in publicity that Vihtori, acting as Vice-President of Finland under government of Simppa, had proposed in a party meeting that IKP would make PTO with enemy coalition, PEACE. This was a plan of treason and Vihtori was forced to resign from all of his posts and IKP drifted in internal crisis.

Stogis, who had been sceptical in Latvia-project, and hasn't took part in this "treasonable" party meeting, aligned with Noplamodo, Commander of Suojeluskunta, and Rauhamäki, MP of IKP. During crisis, acting Party President was inactive JokkeT. Rauhamäki and Stogis backed up Noplamodo to position of Party Leader in May 2009. JokkeT got 17 votes and Noplamodo 15. This troika didn't give up and in June 2009 Noplamodo got 75 per cent of the given votes in the elections of Party Forum. The newly-elected party president Noplamodo appointed Stogis as a Board Member of IKP. Before this, Stogis was elected as MP of IKP from Nord-Norge.

At the end of June, Vihtori came back. Without permission he nominated himself as a parliamentary candidate of IKP and got elected. Stogis candidated in Southern Finland getting 17 votes, which was his all-time personal record. Soon after elections, 27th of June, Vihtori founded his own far-right party, National Raven Party, which soon started to took members from IKP. Among the leavers were also Board Member Moerriz, the PR-officer of IKP. In a secret meeting of the party board, held on 30th of June, Stogis, Rauhamäki, Noplamodo and, the new member of the board, Keijo Kemmanen, decided to establish a new party. At the same time IKP took its new party program which was written by Stogis. Stogis invented the new name of party, Kansallisdemokraattinen puolue, and its new ideology, National Democracy.

The foundation of KDP was publicly announced on July 6, the presidential election day. IKP/KDP was supporting Erius as their president candidate and Erius was elected.

Leader of National Democratic Party

On July 6, Stogis started to work as 2nd Minister of Communication under Erius and later, July 15, he was unanimously elected as The Party President of KDP. After this Stogis started his summer holidays and found after coming back, that he was sacked out his minister position. During this time former IKP-politician wasn't very trusted, government was in crisis because of the Latvian war, and inactivity was strong so changes in the cabinet weren't exceptionally.

Stogis continued his old IKP-styled campaign against LEP and challenged Vihtori and his party more and more. 25th August the parliamentary elections were held in erepublik. fi-forum because of the fear of Hungarian goons. Stogis didn't get elected, because experience points was the final criteria for getting elected, if situation between candidates was draw, and he didn't had so high experience in those days. In game Stogis got elected, so he had to give his 5 gold away without right to act as an official congressman.

Party Congress of KDP nominated Stogis as the president candidate of the Party. Stogis negotiated a right-wing coalition back of him with Blue Party (SP). When the elections started, it was soon soon noticed that the coalition was only official. Right-wing politics were divided and Vihtori, the candidate of KKP, got major part of the rightists' votes. Stogis got only votes of "national democrats" and maybe few votes from the party caders of SP. Stogis ranked as 3rd with 73 votes (18,16%). The aim was to get about 100 votes, so it was a disappointment. The sovereign winner was Gabriel Lavanche with 246 votes (61,19%), the second was Vihtori with 83 votes (20,65%).

"The Civil War of Finnish Right"

During August the rivalries between KDP and KKP, Stogis and Vihtori, were deepening all the time. Before elections Gabriel Lavanche and Stogis had made a contract that latter would be the Foreign Minister in the cabinet of Lavanche. This was the official beginning of national liberal co-operation between LEP and KDP. Stogis strongly opposed the far-right and insisted that National Revolution could be done only through co-operation and with moderate policies. Stogis labeled "Ravens" as fascists and antidemocratic force, which would only threaten free society, while Vihtori and other Ravens claimed that Stogis flattered and flirted with Elite and KDP was just a puppet of LEP.

The parliamentary elections held on Aug 25, 2009, was a disappointment for Stogis and his party. He got a good amount of votes, but Raven-tsunami was so total, that he didn't get his mandate. After this, the power struggle between these two parties set the whole society in fire. Stogis argued that Ravens cheated in the elections and Vihtori blusted that KKP would destroy KDP. Disputation about that which party was the real and lawful successor of IKP also continued. During this quarrel, SP aligned itself more closely with Ravens. Stogis wanted to strengthen the ties between LEP and KDP and finally, in the Party Congress of KDP, he managed to convince the members that party should support General Avec as the President of Finland. Avec got 293 votes (62.47%) and Vihtori 103 votes (21.96%), so Stogis and KDP allied with LEP against Vihtori.

At the last quarter of the year Stogis worked in parliament against fascism and communism and spoke for KDP and LEP. In the parliamentary elections of October, he was elected as MP. Stogis managed to get threw a bill, known as "Anti-Party Takeover Act", which criminalized party-takeovers. This was made to protect KDP from the aggressions of Ravens. The bill was in effect about a year being one of the most durable Acts in Finland. It was finally dissolved with the whole legal system of Finland. Also Stogis tried to ban "parties which are connected, members or aligned with international organization, e.g. Internationale", which would prohibit communist activities in the country. Also it was aimed against fascist organizations but it was expressed little milder.

Stogis noticed that party was too personificated to him and tried to bring other national democratic politicians at the publicity. He organized Keijo Kemmanen to the cabinet of Avec and also passed the party presidency away to the next. Political opponents argued that Stogis was too authoritarian and self-centred. Still, at the end of November, the National Democratic Party Congress wanted to nominate Stogis once more again as the presidential candidate of KDP. The Party didn't wanted to support Patekki, the candidate of LEP, who enjoyed the support of Stogis. Stogis wasn't too excited about the idea, but understood his duty. There were five candidate in the presidential elections of December 2009 and Stogis was third with his 79 votes (13.74%). Stogis himself hoped that the party's decision not to support LEP's candidate wouldn't harm his and party's relations with LEP.

The President of Finland

December 15, 2009 Stogis was once again elected as the Party President. He started to update party's political program and wrote the first rules of KDP. He kept himself in the publicity and actively worked in the parliament. Before parliamentary elections of December, Stogis negotiated with SP and KKP to meadite the disputes. He wanted to think individually the possibility of co-operation with SP and KKP. Finally, Stogis announced one day before elections that KDP would take part to those without allies. This was shocking punch to far-right, Ravens were anymore TOP5 party so they needed allies. In the parliamentary elections KDP got its all-time greatest election result, 8 seats. SP got only two seats and Ravens nothing. Stogis declared that he was united right-wing with force and SP-KKP coalition should admit the hegemony of KDP. This declaration light up the whole debate in fire. Far-right promised to destroy "Stogistic KDP".

But this was just a prelude. Stogis were aware what would happen before presidential elections of January. KDP announced that Stogis was their presidential candidate, but the biggest surprise happened when LEP announced that they would support Stogis. It is rumored that Stogis made a blood-oath and became a member of the Elite at later Autumn 2009. These rumors strengthened when LEP suddenly announced its support to Stogis. LEP was major party and its support was enough to bring a victory in elections.

The whole presidential campaign was a one big confrontation between national liberal coalition and radical Right. Finally, after muddy confrontation, Stogis, candidate of national liberal coalition, was elected as President of Finland with 284 votes (46.48%). The main rival candidate, who was supported by far-right coalition got 202 votes (33.06%). During presidency of Stogis, the GDP of Finland grew, Finland started war against Estonia and made strictest immigration policy in the history of Finland.

After this presidential term (Jan 6- Feb 6, 2009), Stogis worked as a member of parliament. He didn't participated in the parliamentary elections of June 2010 anymore and retired. Stogis made his comeback in May 2011 and was elected in parliament as representer of "Parliamentary group of Independent Right/KDP" (In Finnish: Sitoutumattoman oikeiston eduskuntaryhmä/KDP) which was his own one-man-group and linked with KDP. This comeback didn't last long and Stogis left parliament after the term of May-June 2011.

Stogis retired once a more, but activated at the end of 2011. He dismissed his old political newspaper, Uusi Suunta (The New Direction), and established a financial magazine called Talouden Aikakauslehti (Journal of Economy) which is unpartisan and independent newspaper with strong leaning on market liberal policies and capitalism. This magazine has got a quite good reception of Finnish readers partly because there has been not so many high-class financial magazines in Finland.