Ujedinjenje ili smrt

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Ujedinjenje ili smrt

General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation UIS
Colors Red, Blue and White
Founded February, 2011
President Djeza
Vice President kawala023
Members 75
Congress Occupancy 14 38.89%
Orientation Far-left, Libertarian

Ujedinjenje ili smrt (February 2011- ) is a centrist political party currently active in New Zealand. Since the exodus from Aotearoa, it has emerged as one of the top-five parties in NZ. It has gone under various name during its existence.

Party History

The UIS is one of the older parties currently operating in NZ and therefore has a wide volume of history. It has contested all parliamentary elections since its formation and is a constant presence in the various NZ Cabinets. Therefore its history is a tale of consistency and resolve.

For a full history of the party please visit our History of Ujedinjenje ili smrt

Srpski Korpus

The UIS also operates it own personal militia, the Srpski Korpus. Many consider the UIS to in reality be an extension of the SK, with all authority resonating from the MU instead of the party.

Party Presidents

Month Party President Notes
February - March, 2011 Stojke89 2x PP Founded DSS and renamed Free Texas.
April, 2011 crno-beli klan 1x PP Renamed to SSK and UIS
May - June, 2011 Koska De STRAH 2x PP Former PP of Aotearoa
July, 2011 Mandasaner 1x PP First UIS member to run for President
August - September, 2011 otvarac 2x PP Presided over DaRkO 205 victory.
October, 2011 Spartac 1x PP Elected PP with largest in-game vote.
November, 2011 streetfightersbl 1x PP Oversaw election and impeachment of Pedjat.
December, 2011 Aleksandar Spremo 1x PP Presided over UIS becoming #1 party.
January 2012 - March 2012 Bosnausrcu 3x PP Elected CP in March 2012. - ByBojan
April, 2012 LmBigger 1x PP First female PP. - suzZana88
May, 2012 pinkovgrad 1x PP
June, 2012 Koska de STRAH 3x PP Former NZ CP.
July, 2012 pinkovgrad 2x PP
August - Septemember, 2012 DaRkO 206 2x PP
October 2012 - July 2014 ... Djeza[[1]] 22x PP Uveo diktaturu i proglasio sebe za doživotnog PP(May 2014 - win pp elections with 100%.
August 2014 cobi63 1x PP
September 2014 - ... Djeza[[2]] 28x PP. Uveo diktaturu i proglasio sebe za doživotnog PP(May 2014 - win pp elections with 100%.