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The banner used mostly in articles talking about the Strasbourg Treaty, before Portugal joined.

General Information

The Treaty of Strasbourg was an agreement signed by Icon-Germany.png Germany, Icon-France.png France and the Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom. It was later joined by the Icon-Portugal.png Portuguese Republic and bound these countries together. However, as the United Kingdom left TERRA and started moving towards the ONE sphere of influence, signing MPPs with German/French enemies (such as Icon-Poland.png Poland and Icon-Serbia.png Serbia) and supporting Polish occupation of France and Germany, they broke line B of Article III and so, this treaty was declared dead by its members. Bellow, you can find the original clauses of this former treaty.

Treaty of Strasbourg - Charter

Article I: Statement of Intention

This treaty between the United Kingdom, Germany and France is to accompany Mutual Protection Pacts between these three nations.
All sides, with good will and intentions, sign it for continued good relations shared in the past and future.

Article II: Sovereignty

All 3 nations accept the responsibility of respecting each other’s sovereignty.
Neither shall interfere with any of the other’s affairs, whether they are external or internal, unless agreed upon in the treaty, or by the CP’s of the countries at the time.

Article III: Non-Aggression

a) The United Kingdom, Germany and France agree not to attack each other.
No open war should be started between the United Kingdom, Germany and France, with the exception of Training Wars or Region Swaps officially declared by both of the signatories’, involved CPs.
b) Neither nation may offer any assistance be it military or economic to an attack against the other nation.
Military assistance is understood to mean the deployment of soldiers or support of enemy soldiers.
Economic assistance is understood to mean donating funds or giving funds to the enemy.
c) When necessary an MPP shall be renewed between the United Kingdom, Germany and France. The costs for all the MPPs will be split 50/50.
Should either of the sides involved not have sufficient funds to cover the cost, the other side shall offer an interest-free loan of Icon-gold.gif 100 GOLD, providing that is financially possible, exclusively for the renewal of the MPP.
d) None of the countries should attempt, or take part in a PTO (defined below) of any of the other countries.

Article IV: Military Pact

a) The United Kingdom, Germany and France shall offer a full military commitment to aiding each other should one of them be attacked.
This includes defence from invasion (defined below) and Political Take Over’s.
b) Should a Resistance War be started in an original region of either the United Kingdom, Germany Or France the countries not initially involved should be informed of the motive behind the RW, and be informed that one is going to be started at least 1 hours in advance of any aggression occurring.
All 3 nations must assist in any Resistance War started to liberate any original region of either nation, providing help is requested by the signatory that originally owned the region.
c) If one nation is PTOed, the other nation must provide ATO forces when requested.
d) It shall remain in the best interests of all 3 countries to maintain trade.
Neither country shall act to prevent or hinder trade, either by contact with General Managers, or by an Embargo.
e) Should the United Kingdom, Germany or France discover intelligence that could affect the security of either country, they must share that intelligence.
It must remain in the Congress chambers of each nation, or between executive staff (MoD’s and CP’s) depending on the magnitude of the sensitivity.

Article VI: Signing Regulations

All 3 nations must pass the treaty through the Congress.
Each nation must achieve a 50% +1 majority, and a vote must be held for at least 24 hours.
Upon the passing of the treaty, all 3 Presidents must sign the treaty and release an article in an official government newspaper, and the treaty shall be reviewed every six months.

Article VII: Penalties

a) If one nation attacks either of the other nations without consent the attacker has to pay Icon-gold.gif 250 GOLD per attacked region.
b) If one nation knowingly and purposely helps another nation to attack the contracting nation by region swap, the collaborationist nation has to pay Icon-gold.gif 125 GOLD for every swapped region.
c) If one country is led by a foreign PTO-Group, article VII won't be activated.
d) If two of the signatories involved organise and agree on a region swap, article VII won't be activated.
e) If two of the signatories involved organise and agree on a training war, article VII won’t be activated.
f) If the president ragequits and attacks one of the other nations, as long as he is impeached within 1 week the penalties do not apply, but the other members should rush to the defence of the attacked signatory.

Artilcle VIII: Relations

a) In an effort to breed an even more cohesive and friendly environment between the signatories a joint IRC channel will be created, #euro on the Rizon network, where the CPs of the signatories will have ‘&’ status.
b) There will also be a monthly summit between the three countries to discuss ideas about how to improve all areas of our countries, from retention to militaries.
There will be a rotating host of the summit, with the first month (March 2011) the UK hosting the summit, then France and then Germany, remaining in that cycle.
The duty of the summit host will be to prepare it and then release all the non-sensitive information learned in it in a summary article.
c) If Germany request it, France and the UK will endeavour to lobby for their entrance into the PANAM alliance.
d) This treaty in no way affects the members' commitments to their alliances.


a) PTO – a Political Take Over is the act by which a hostile country moves voters in an attempt to gain a majority in Congress or to get its own hostile candidate elected in Presidential elections.
b) Invasion - An Invasion is defined by the act of a hostile country attacking a Region held by either the United Kingdom, Germany or France.
c) Training War - A war agreed to by two of the signatories to provide the Natural enemy bonus for their citizens.
d) Region Swap - An agreement between two of the signatories to swap or rent regions from each other for mutual strategic or economic benefit.