Syman Templar

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Dead citizen

Syman Templar

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth April 4, 2009
Date of death Sometime in 2010 (est)
Residence Hokkaido
Sex Male
Congress member of Japan
December 2009 – January 2010
Military rank Icon rank Major**.png Major**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Syman Templar was a citizen of Icon-Japan.png Japan. She has also lived in Spain, Hawaii, and New Jersey.


Syman Templar was born in Icon-USA.png American state of Hawaii.

Opportunity was little and prosperity was meek at that time. Hawaii was a small fly on the massive Ox that was know as eRepublik. Hawaii was a part of America at that time. America was strong and proud during those days but unfortunately her leaders were not strong enough, or wise enough, to harness her power and lead the eWorld into the future.

At its strongest times, Syman was a citizen of her grace and was offered an opportunity to work in the great state of New Jersey. Syman had a great job and was living a wonderfully comfortable existence. The company was strong and Syman soon prospered from being a loyal employee. Not long after she took employment in New Jersey, the company owner offered her an even more exciting opportunity - a job in Icon-Spain.png Spain! Syman quickly relocated - all at the company's expense - and found Spain to be a wonderful and exciting country. The money Syman earned bought much more food and weapons than when she was in America. There were daily military exercises and her income easily allowed her to buy higher grade weapons.

Life was great, but then came the invasion! It did not take long before the company Syman was working for was a mere shell of itself and she was unemployed with few opportunities. At that time America was riddled with despair as state by state it was burned into mere ashes of what was at one time mighty.

Syman pondered at that time, reading the propaganda that was spewed by so many that were prospering on the death of once mighty countries. Syman was soul searching - looking for her dragon. Syman mother was calling but Syman's chaotic mind could not hear. That mother, Syman soon realized, was Icon-Japan.png Japan. Syman felt the tugs to her heart and she answered the call from her and soon became a citizen of Japan. After all the searching, all the time Syman stumbled down whatever path fate sent her, she finally felt like she was home...

When Syman came to Japan she decided to join a party. Syman had never been part of any political organization before, but found one that intrigued her, the Ronin. Syman joined the Ronin because she believed in what they wrote and thought it was a good fit. However she was wrong. One day she awoke and she was president of the party. And the party named had been changed into Simon and the Three Musketeers. Syman was surprised and confused.

Syman pondered on what had happened and saw it as a great opportunity to develop the beliefs and pass them on regarding the Ronin. Syman messaged the remaining three members and was amazed at the one response she received. Syman was ignored by two and the last one sent a message stating I should suck a bag of d***s. She dismayed and quit the Ronin, going once again, on her own. She stumbled upon to the SOS party where she got elected to the Congress of Japan.

Professional History

Syman Templar started his career in the wood business, working for Block S LLC. Soon after she was offered work overseas in Spain and decided to expand his horizons. She went to work for Diamondkm and continued with that company up until the destruction of Spain. It was great and prosperous adventure, with Syman even investing in the company while at its peak.

After the invasions destroyed Spain, Syman was jobless and in reality homeless. She soon left for Japan. Once situated she started working but found it hard to keep a job for various economic reasons. He started working for a company Zonk Holdings. After establishing herself in Japan, Syman started his own publication, Syman Says....

Syman Says...

Syman Templar was the Press director of the publication Syman Says... that she started on 26th November 2009 (Day 737).

Fun Facts

  • Syman has been fired from 4 of the 6 jobs he has had!
  • Syman is known to write long ramblings that stir many emotions. Some would label it venom.
  • Syman has one love: Japan
  • Syman was born on a tropical beach in Hawaii, while his father and mother were sipping Mai Tai's and trying to concieve a sister for him.
  • Syman is a direct descendant of the king of the world!