Tadahito Kato

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Tadahito Kato

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth December 2008
Residence Hokkaido
Party president of Liberal Party of Japan
16 February 2009 – 15 April 2009
Succeeded by Seixo
Ambassador of Japan
14 February 2009 – 31 March 2009
Congressman of Japan
26 January 2009 – 17 April 2009
Rank Icon rank Private.png Private

Tadahito Kato is a politician and political scientist in Japan. He owns The Hokkaido Post. He also founded the Yoshiyama Corporation, which has been shut down in late February 2009. Kato is the founder of the Liberal Party of Japan, a center-left political party preceded by The Bushido Party.

Early career

Tadahito Kato started his professional career by working at Nippon Weapons, a state-owned weapon company controlled by the National Bank of Japan. He continued working at the company until shortly before it was handed over to the Japanese Imperial Army. Kato then got a high-paying job at Q3 company Nambu Arsenal, owned by Shinko Securities, where he got his Hard Worker Medal.

Soon after getting the medal, Kato resigned from Nambu and got a new job at Tequila Food owned by the Tequila Fitness Club. It is the first time he has ever worked at a food company. Later, he found a job at Q1 company Tirol Bakery of the Crystal Lotus Corporation shortly before ending up at the Aegis Weapons Manufacturing of the Japanese Defense Center, a government-linked organization. Now, Kato works at Nippon Gifts, a state-owned company.

Yoshiyama Corporation

On 3 January 2009, Kato founded the Yoshiyama Corporation in Kinki. As General Manager, he also established the corporation's first subsidiary company, the Kuruwa Lottery shortly after. The company experienced limited commercial success because of the economic crisis Japan was facing at the time. The lottery company was eventually forced to shut down even before its first draw.

Yoshiyama bought a Q2 iron company in Asturias, Spain, and named it Kuruwa Mining. In less than month, the company experienced financial hardship and was sold to another organization.

Political career

Kato joined The Bushido Party in late December and has since then published articles discussing political issues. On 17 January 2009, Kato officially declared his desire to run for congress. Along with his platform to call for a higher minimum wage and stronger diplomatic relations with foreign nations, he promised to donate 5 GOLD to the government treasury if elected.

His campaign was a success as he was elected without a wild card spot. He was the second most popular candidate in Hokkaido after experienced congressman Al Dente. Soon following getting elected, Kato donated the 5 GOLD he promised to donate before the elections to the treasury.

On 14 February 2009, Kato was appointed Ambassador to Singapore by Secretary of State Origineel.NL. The next day, after the UBN party elections, he officially announced the creation of the Liberal Party of Japan and began serving as its first Party president.