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TheSupernatural joined Erepublik in the February of 2008, a time before the war module is implemented. He owns a somewhat satrical newspaper, titled "The Ultimate Propaganda". In terms of politics, he has been elected party president 4 times, although of minor parties; elected for Congress 3 times as well under the Libertarian party. TheSupernatural also hepled create the Neo Libertarian Party, which was started soon after the Libertarian Party's scandal in September. In addition, he served a term for mayor of Austin, Texas.

As for the American society, TheSupernatural has a rather long history in the media. The Ultimate Propaganda has been around almost as long as him. Most popular was his "Who the Hell is this Roby Petric?" article, which got a lot of attention and support from veterans and new citizens. Although he hasn't spent as much of his recent time writing, he has taken up the job of heading the Department of Fun.

You can find TheSupernatural on the Erepublik Wiki or you can email him at .