Tanaka Fujimori

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Dead citizen

Tanaka Fujimori

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth Day 589
Date of death 2010
Residence Kanto
Ambassador of Japan
Aug 09 – Nov 09
Succeeded by Makoto Aizawa
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Tanaka Fujimori was raised in a farming community in the Kanto suburbs. A humble farmer, Tanaka grew up studying agriculture and volunteered part-time at the Tokyo Institute of Justice where the concept of moral excellence was developed. In the beginning, Tanaka took justice to the streets and became a wanted vigilante as part of the Sparkling Justice V super squad.

Citizen1600549 v2.jpg Tanaka Fujimori as 'Sparking Justice V' Red

However, the government disapproved of their daily epic struggles against the minions of the evil Mochi King that left much of the city in ruins. Citizens did not appreciate losing their homes even though their lives were saved. Following the first Kyushu incident in which the region of Kyushu was leased to Indonesia as a stepping stone to attack the United States via Hawaii, Tanaka become disillusioned. Shortly after, the Sparking Justice V super squad disbanded in secret and was never heard from again.

Tanaka's combat experience was carried over to the Japanese Imperial Forces and was put to good use in the wars that occurred during the attempt to reintroduce South Korea as an independent, democratic country. At that time a group of villains known only as the Theocracy disrupted the process and claimed South Korea for themselves.

Citizen1600549 v3.jpg Tanaka in the Imperial Army during the South Korea - Japan wars

Tanaka was a strong supporter of Freedom and Justice, as a result of upbringing, and will speak out against instances of injustice that is brought to the attention. In politics, citizen Tanaka only once run for the Congress but offers opinions in discussions on Japan's national forums and the local media. Tanaka has been a member of the National Alliance Party, the Tequila Fitness Club, the Imperial Sun Party, and at the end, the United Lolies of Japan.

Tanaka's coin phrases are:

"Freedom and Justice."

"We will be watching."

Tanaka has dabbled in the arts on the side and is a supporter of cultural activities. Designs have ranged from those of the Imperial Japanese Forces, the Emperor's Seal, to the United Lolies of Japan and the SOS Brigade avatar schemes.

Citizen1600549 v4.jpg Imperial Forces member avatar design

To his end, Tanaka Fujimori aimed to, and become a more productive citizen and contribute to the betterment of Japan while fighting against those whose ambitions have blinded them.