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AK47.jpg This page has been saved as historical information

This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

AK47.jpg This page is about a paramilitary group or organisation.

Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.



Volja, Poštenje i Zajedništvo

General Information
Disbanded 2013
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Region Central Croatia
Part of Krug 13

Team 13 was an official paramilitary unit of Krug 13, a political party of Croatia. It was specialized for younger soldiers from D1 and D2 and it had around 25 members.

It is uncertain when the unit was disbanded, but it is believed it happened sometime in 2013 when the party itself started to shrink.

The unit commander was jedan_019, while his 2nd Commander was joshua00.