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This documentation subpage contains instructions, categories, or other information for technical reasons.
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The code of this template is really complex, please use your sandbox before editing this template

Plato Gm.pngIcon elite citizen.pngAmbasmedal.jpg

27 Message

Plato profile avatar.png
Nationality Flag-eRepublik.jpg eRepublikan
National rank 111
Date of birth 04 Jun 2007
Day -170 (before the New World Began)
Residence Flag-Greece.jpg Attica
Sex Male
Newspaper eRepublik Insider
eRepublik Governor of New World
14 January 2011 – Current
Military unit Plato's Warriors
Position Group Leader
Rank Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit

Current usage


  |country=<!-- use UK and USA -->
  |national rank=
  |party=<!--exactly as it is in the game, no abbreviations -->
  |faith=<!-- only approved religions -->


  |military rank=


Bolded lines should be on every page!

  • border - Optional border
  • background - Optional background colour
  • name - Name
  • number - Unique number (Found on profile page as the number in the URL)
  • picture - Avatar
    • Note: If no picture is uploaded, then an upload link will help you. It is situated under the image.
  • Society - type 'show' for this section to be automatically expanded
  • country - Nationality, No abbreviations except for UK & US
  • level - Experience Level
  • national rank -
  • birth - eRepublik account creation date
  • death - Date Health = 0
  • sex - Gender
  • residence - Current Location
  • party - eRepublik party alliance
  • faith - in game faith (see: list of Approved religions & Religion Policy)
  • spouse - eRepublik partner
  • marriage - date of partnership
  • divorce - date of the end of partnership
  • children - children had in the partnership
  • newspaper - Newspaper name
  • org1 - Organizations owned (You can add up to 10 orgs with replacing number on end (org1 -> org2))
  • Politics - type 'show' for this section to be automatically expanded
  • office1 - Your position (Congressman, President etc.)
  • office location1 - Country where office was
  • term begin1 - Date when you started your term
  • term end1 - Date when you ended your term
  • under - Your boss
  • predecessor1 - Predecessor
  • successor1 - Successor
    • You can put up to 25 offices in page. Just copy the code and replace number at the end (office1 -> office2)
  • Military - type 'show' for this section to be automatically expanded
  • army - Name of your army
  • squadron - Your Squad
  • position - Your position
  • military rank - Military rank (Use only ingame military ranks like Colonel, Major*, Captain***, etc.)

Changes April 2010

  • New style: This version of {{Citizen}} looks more like a part of eRepublik than the previous template. The colors are customizable, and the corners are rounded by default.
  • Better integration: The template has links to eRepublik's user options (Message, donate, and report), and the image links directly to the user's eRepublik profile with the use of Extension:ImageMap. There is also a new level indicator over the image in the same style as seen in the game.
  • More options: This template has an new areas and parameters so that {{Citizen}} can better reflect the player it describes. A politician can show their history (In reverse order, if they wish), a businessman can show their companies and organizations, a soldier can show his stats and wars fought, a journalist can show his newspaper, and an eccentric player can show his religion, marriages, and even make the template pink.
  • Backwards compatible: Best of all, this template won't break the wiki when it is finally implemented, since all of its parameters are unchanged from the previous version.

Changes May 2010

  • Added Newspaper Link: Added a line for users to add their character's newspaper there.

Changes July 2010

  • Added Children: Added a line for users to add their citizen's children there.

Changes January 2011

  • Minor changes - explanation for military ranks added and correction in politics explanation

Changes February 2012

  • Minor changes - Template:Citizen/Military Changelog:

National Army changed to Military Unit
Division changed to Regiment