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{{Game Menu}}

This is used to display the same game menu there is in the game. To expand all menus add expand=all| parameter.

Expanding single menu

To expand single menu, use following codes:

  • expand1=true| - to expand Market menu
  • expand2=true| - to expand Community menu
  • expand3=true| - to expand My places menu

Hiding some menus / show only specific menus

If you want to hide some menus, use following code:

  • hide0=true| - to hide Homepage button
  • hide1=true| - to hide My places button
  • hide2=true| - to hide Wars button
  • hide3=true| - to hide Market button
  • hide4=true| - to hide Community button
  • hide5=true| - to hide Gold and Extras button

If you hide some menu, the bar will be aligned to the left side of the page.

Instructions for translators

To add a new language you need to

  1. Choose an abbreviation to your language (English = en, Finnish = fi, etc.)
    • Add following line to this page: Name of your lang = your lang abbreviation| (e.g. Hrvatski = hr|)
    • Add that line right after the "English = en|" line and save the page.
  1. Translate the strings
    • Copy the code underneath to Template:Game Menu/Strings page.
    • Replace the "_en" abbreviation with the abbreviation you added in first step (e.g. for Croatian you need to replace "_en" with "_hr")
    • Translate the strings and save

If you don't understand these instructions, ask for help on bar or IRC (#wiki@Rizon)

  <!-- Language?? translation -->
  home_en = Homepage|
  places_en = My places|
  wars_en = Wars|
  market_en = Market|
  marketplace_en = Marketplace|
  job_en = Job market|
  monetary_en = Monetary market|
  cmarket_en = Companies for sale|
  tokens_en = Game Tokens|
  community_en = Community|
  map_en = World map|
  party_en = My party|
  elections_en = Elections|
  militaryunit_en = Military unit|
  rankings_en = Rankings|
  alliances_en = Alliances|
  invite_en = Invite friends|
  badges_en = Badges|
  extras_en = Gold and Extras|