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This is a template for translated Military Unit pages.

British Army

British Army v2.png
Flag-British Army.png

Be The Best

General Information
Founded 25th January 2010
Disbanded N/A
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg Britannia
Region London
Colors Red and Gold
Part of British Armed Forces


  |id= <!-- Use only if unit exists in-game -->

  |access policy=
  |recruitment rank=



  • name - The name of the unit
  • id - The id of in-game military unit (last number in the military unit's profile URL)
  • logo - The logo of the unit
  • flag - The flag of the unit
  • motto - The motto of the unit
  • nickname - a nickname of the unit
  • access policy
  • required rank
  • general - Type 'show' or 'hide' for automatic showing the section or not
  • type - The type of unit (eg. Private, Official...)
  • founded - The date when the unit started to exit
  • disbanded - The date when the unit ceased to exit
  • country - The country it is based
  • transcountry - The name of the country in the local language
  • region - The region it is based in
  • colors - The colors of the unit
  • military - Type 'show' or 'hide' for automatic showing the section or not
  • soldiers - The number of soldiers
  • controlledby - Leader of the army
  • 2ndcommander - A 2nd commander of the unit
  • 2ndcommander2 - An additional 2nd commander
  • captain - 1st regiment Captain
  • captain2 - 2nd regiment Captain


  • captain20 - 20th regiment Captain
  • partof - What the unit belongs to
  • division1 - What belongs to the unit.


  • division10 - What belongs to the unit.

Translating template

  • Go to Template:IMilitary unit/English
  • Copy whole code to Template:IMilitary unit/Your lang -page
  • Add following lines right after {{IMilitary unit/Core| row.
  • Translate strigns and save it.
iunknown=Unknown Military Unit|
igeneral=General Information|
iaccesspolicy=Access policy|
irequiredrank=Required rank|
isoldiers=Total Soldiers|
ipartof=Part of|
icontrolled=Controlled by|
icaptain=1st Regiment Captain|
icaptain2=2nd Regiment Captain|
icaptain3=3rd Regiment Captain|
icaptain20=20th Regiment Captain|