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What is this?

If you have designed a custom menu for your user pages, this template allows you to type


instead of something like


to insert a menu on your page. This does not automatically make a menu for you, but it makes it easier to put a menu on your pages once you have created a design for one.

How do I use this?

First you need a page under your namespace named


(please keep the capitalization exact), so if your user page was User:WikiEditor123, then the page you would have to create would be


On this page, you will place your user page menu template--not just a link, but the template with the { } around it, like:


Once you have done this, you can use {{mymenu}} to insert your menu on all of your pages.

Please note

If you want to use this template on your User talk pages, you'll need to create a another page:

If your user page was User:WikiEditor123, and you had a page named as User:WikiEditor123/TemplateLink, then you would also need a another page named:
User talk:WikiEditor123/TemplateLink

Please fill it in with the exact same information as did with the first page.