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This template encapsulates the single tag to show the list of references defined by ref tags, with some formatting. It reduces the font size and has options for columns and groups. References can be defined within the body of the article or within the reference list.


Using only footnote-style references
== Content ==
Lorem ipsum.<ref>Source name, access date, etc.</ref>
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.<ref>Source name, access date, etc.</ref>

== References ==


Lorem ipsum.[1] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.[2]

  1. Source name, access date, etc.
  2. Source name, access date, etc.

Multiple uses

If {{Reflist}} is used multiple times without a parameter, each instance will include all of the previously defined references. To force the parser to close previous references, each use of {{Reflist}} must be forced as a new instance by the use of any parameter.

List-defined references

A list of references may be defined within {{Reflist}} using the refs parameter, just like including named <ref name=". . ."> elements inside the <references> container.


This is reference 1.<ref name="refname1" />
This is reference 2.<ref name="refname2" />

<ref name="refname1">content1</ref>
<ref name="refname2">content2</ref>


This is reference 1.[LDR 1] This is reference 2.[LDR 2]

  1. content1
  2. content2

The “LDR” group text is to avoid conflicts with other groups of references in this documentation and would not be present in real use.

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