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Icon-China.png China

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Anhui
Map of the region
Capital Hefei
Population 20
Language Chinese
Moving Zone B4
Resource Icon - Limestone.png

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  • If a value is not known, do not enter a place holder value (n/a, none, ..., etc.). This might create a strange link.
  • This template automatically places the region into a "Region of country" category.
  • Coat of Arms - Use this place for the coat of arms of the country, the coat of arms of the region, or the flag of the region.
  • Map - If you have a map, enter it in the field and remove the arrows. If you do not, leave the arrows

Conquered Regions

There are a few things different when the region has been conquered

  • Country - add the country that controls the region
  • Coat of Arms - add the flag of the original country

For example, Pakistan conquered China and the region of Shanghai. Place Pakistan in the country field and the flag of China in the coat of arms field.