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Bronze oak leaf clusterTextured Blank Ribbon.png

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This template superimposes devices onto military ribbons used in organized national militaries.

{{Template:Ribbon Devices|number=3|type=service-star|ribbon=Home_Guard_Service_Ribbon.png}}
Silver service starHome Guard Service Ribbon.png
{{Template:Ribbon Devices|number=8|type=service-star|ribbon=Home_Guard_Service_Ribbon.png}}
Silver service starSilver service starSilver service starHome Guard Service Ribbon.png
{{Template:Ribbon Devices|number=UK|type=kcvs|ribbon=Home_Guard_Service_Ribbon.png}}
Oak leavesHome Guard Service Ribbon.png
Variable Accepted values Default value
number 1–9 1
type oak-leaf, award-star, service-star, mid, kcvs oak
ribbon Any image, without the "File:" prefix, but including file extension blank ribbon
Oak leafTextured Navy service.png
Gold oak leaf clusterNational Guard Service Ribbon.png


This template makes use of three subtemplates, which are not intended to be used as standalone templates.