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Start of centred table

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s-start is the initial component in a template series for succession boxes.

The first five items on the list are the most basic for the creation of succession boxes. The template for succession boxes can be found here


        {{s-ttl|title=[[Attorney General of Australia]]|years=1901–1903}}
        {{s-aft|after=[[James Drake]]}}
        {{s-ttl|title=[[Earl of Shaftesbury]]|years=1672–1683}}
        {{s-aft|after=[[Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 2nd Earl of Shaftesbury|Anthony Ashley-Cooper]]}}
        {{s-new|first|reason=None recognized before}}
        {{s-ttl|title=[[Prime Minister of Great Britain]]|years=4 April 1721 – 11 February 1742}}
        {{s-aft|after=[[Spencer Compton, 1st Earl of Wilmington|The Earl of Wilmington]]}}


New title Attorney General of Australia
Succeeded by
James Drake
New creation Earl of Shaftesbury
Succeeded by
Anthony Ashley-Cooper
None recognized before
Prime Minister of Great Britain
4 April 1721 – 11 February 1742
Succeeded by
The Earl of Wilmington


Military Offices {{s-mil}} - Military offices
Government Offices {{s-gov}} - Government offices
Congressional Seats {{s-con}} - Congressional Seats
Party Political Positions {{s-ppo}} - Party political offices
Alliance offices {{s-all}} - Alliance offices
Diplomatic Assignment {{s-dip}} - Diplomatic Assignment
Royalty {{s-roy|uk}} - British monarchy
Peerages {{s-reg|uk}} - Peerage of the United Kingdom
Honorary Position {{s-hon}} - Honorary titles
Religious Titles {{s-rel|Dioism}} - Church of Dio titles

Header templates, such as {s-mil} can be created and used to header Succession Boxes, e.g:

{{s-bef | before = [[Ulysses S. Grant]]}}
{{s-ttl | title = [[Commanding General of the United States Army]] | years = 1869 – 1883}}
{{s-aft | after = [[Philip H. Sheridan]]}}


Military offices
Preceded by
Ulysses S. Grant
Commanding General of the United States Army
1869 – 1883
Succeeded by
Philip H. Sheridan

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