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This template can be used to get taxes for different countries. The data is updated once a day. This is used in the tax template


This template returns a plain number without '%' sign. To get the timestamp of last update (time data was updated from eRepublik) pass "country_last" to the template (retunrns an UNIX timestamp)


The input has tree parts: a country name, an industry and tax type (in that order). Different parts are separated with underscore '_'. The country name is the same as in game and the industry can be one of following (possible tax type codes in parentheses):

  • wrm = Weapon Raw Material (income, import)
  • frm = Food Raw Material (income, import)
  • food = Food (income, import, vat)
  • weapons = Weapons (income, import, vat)
  • mt = Moving Tickets (vat, import)
  • hosp = Hospital (vat, import)
  • ds = Defence Systems (vat, import)
  • house = Houses (vat, import)


  • {{Taxes/Data|Serbia_food_vat}} (VAT of Food in Serbia)
    • Result: 8
Data is provided by the heapy (Hate Erepublik API) made by Martin Sileno.