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Terroristas movement was a group of units from Flag-Greece.jpg Greece who disagreed with Greece joining Asteria and expressed their disagreement by tanking against Asteria countries who were previously not EDEN members: Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia. The movement created their own party in Greece, Hellenes Terroristas.


End of EDEN

Greece was a member of EDEN since its creation in 2009 until its dissolution in 2013. After Poland and Spain left EDEN in 2011 in order to make an alliance with Serbia and Hungary (ONE), the core of the alliance was composed of Greece, Romania, Croatia, Turkey, Argentina and China. In 2013, ONE's successor, TWO, joined forces with CoT. EDEN was defeated by the united forces of the two alliances and was officially dissolved on May 6, 2013 (Day 1994)[1]. One month later, on June 19, 2013, Greece officially joined TWO[2]. Romania and Argentina were pro-TWO, while Turkey and China were neutral. All Romania, Argentina and Greece had dropped their MPPs with Croatia.

Creation of Asteria

When TWO was dissolved, Romania and Argentina chose to stay with Serbia, while Poland was joined by Turkey. After a while, China also joined Asteria. In Greece, public was divided. While some people wanted to remain with Serbia; Myrmidons and - GAMA - (tanks) were more in favour of Poland and Croatia. Then, Polish president Magic Hereos called Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) simply Macedonia on live interview on Clopoyaur TV, to which the Greek public reacted very negatively[3]. Many thought that Greece would surely join Serbia after that.

Presidential elections results in Greece were highly anticipated. The Pro-Serbia candidate, poseidonsr (Greek Independence Party) won 39.78% of the votes, while Mithrantir (Hellenic Military Party) won 29.78% of the votes. Most people assumed that the elections themselves were enough to show which way Greek population wanted to go. Still, Myrmidons and - GAMA - did not want to be allied with Serbia anymore.

Five days later, Asteria was created with founding members being Argentina, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. What countries outside of Greece weren't aware of was that Greek population was still divided and many Greeks didn't receive this very well; they believed that a referendum or congress vote was needed in order to make such a decision.

 Dear Ar-Ro-Srb bros our gov don't have the final yes from Greek people, so I strongly doubt that Greece is a real member. You should have waited as many of us warned you, the decision at least pass from our congress and then we would go and write history together. Most of Greeks support this alliance but not the way Greece entered so it will be a major problem in the future. 
(Drawback[4], MoFA of Greece in October 2013.)

Terroristas are born

In an article of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, there was a mention of Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)[5] calling it simply Macedonia. This was when Myrmidons and - GAMA - started fighting against Hungary[6]. Greek government called this an act of terrorism, and announced it was not supported by the actual Greek government[7]. As a reply, both Myrmidons and - GAMA - issued official announcements the next day, calling themselves terroristas and making corresponding avatars.

Ten days later (February 17, 2014) smee again published an article warning citizens of Asteria that its Secretary General at the time, Ektonosiakos, is a thief[8]. He also stated that Greek membership in Asteria without a referendum was reason why they started fighting against it. This was followed by a series of articles regarding Terroristas–Hungary conflicts[9][10][11]. Hungary regained and lost its empire status multiple times.

On April 14, 2014 (Day 2337), two more Greek units joined terroristas, -7NISA- and Spartiates. In an official announcement, they stated that they no longer want to fight for Serbian resources, for politicians like Ektonosiakos and that they agree with military units who don't have hidden agendas[12].

While the movement received much criticism from Asteria, Sirius and Aurora supported it. They benefited from it greatly, receiving well directed damage without the need to give any back, as Greece as a country wasn't officially affiliated with them. This had made Greece the safest country in the New World at the time: it was a member of Asteria, but was also under no threat of an attack of Sirius.

Greek Civil War

Main article: Greek Civil War

The situation lasted for a year. When dictatorship feature was added to the game (February 2015), Greek Civil War was launched and terroristas were in charge of the country again. They used this to leave Asteria[13] and pursue a policy of selective MPPs until a public consensus will be reached. The only MPPs they kept at that time were with Argentina, Croatia, Romania, Turkey and USA. This also meant that the terroristas were fighting for their country and its allies again and the movement was thus ended.

Argentina and Romania

In the beginning, terroristas were only fighting against Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia. They weren't fighting against other Asteria members who were formerly EDEN members – Romania, Argentina and Greece. In time, some of them started to, leading to massive tanking for Chile against Argentina in Autumn of 2014 and some against Romania as well.

Terroristas units