The Advent of Unity

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The Advent of Unity

Party-The Advent of Unity.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Abbreviation ADvUN,
Forum Party Forum link
Colors Alabaster, Aquamarine, Turquoise and White Gold
Founded January 20 2011
Dissolved March 16 2011
Congress Occupancy N/A
Succeeds New Age Party
Succeeded By Bayan Muna
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

The Advent of Unity (or simply called The Advent) was a pseudo-religious Far-right, Authoritarian Philippine Political Party, that melded both religion and science to promote transcendence in the Philippines and by bringing the harmony of burgeoning collective mentality, the members called themselves the Unity.

Early Beginnings

After the official breakdown of the NAP on January 20 2011, Erion Clow Reed took matters into his hands and The Advent came to existence. Soon after, many individuals all around the world heard the call to propagate the will of The Unity.

The Will of the Unity

The basic foundation of the Advent. the Acolytes were joined the "Advent" for One Reason: to Propagate and to Do the "Will of Unity". The will consisted of two parts:

  • The "Path of Transcendence"
  • The "Path of Deliverance".

By melding these two paths, an individual can attain the "Enlightenment" on the New World.

The Will Composed of Commandments that all members must take heed, for they were the very foundations of the"Advent" itself. Following are the commandments.

"Path of Transcendence"

These were the Commandments for Maintaining the bond of a certain individual to the "Unity".

I. As an Acolyte and a Disciple, who Heed the Call of the "Unity", shall follow my leaders and respect my fellow colleagues, as they were also the part of the "Unity" itself, and I shall not allow anyone to let the strong exploit the weak.

II. "Unity" provides us with Strength through our unwavering faith to the Advent, to our strong bonds and to the words of the wise, we admit that we were weak. Through "Unity", our weakness becomes our strength and we use our strength to protect, not to kill.

III. As the Guardians of the Sacred Light of the "Unity", we Defend eRepublik from the "Abominations" of the New World. The Undead Zombies, the BOTS and the PTO'ers who uses their strength not to build, but to destroy. We Purge this World and cleanse it from this "Abominable Madness".

IV. As the servant of the "Unity", I shall make example of myself for the others. My body is the "Temple" of the "Unity" and I shall not defile my body through "Abominable Substances*". My body must become the perfect unison of the "Unity" itself and will make sure that I am a HUMAN.

V. Lastly, to be blessed by the shining light of Transcendence, I have a duty to propagate the "Will of the Unity" to the other parts of the New World. Let me be the instrument for the heretics in their way for salvation and deliverance.

"Path of Deliverance"

The Path of Deliverance, unlike the Transcendence, was in form of linguistical setting (almost poetical).

Let the Unity be my guide from darkness,

Let it be the one who lights up in my way,

Let it be my path

to Transcendence and Ascension

For my Only way, Of keeping the Unity intact

Thou shalt be Active in the eWorld with all my might.

Thou shalt work for the "Unity", Be happy and contented

Thy Fruits of the "Unity", shalt be shared by everyone

Oh, Unity we thanked thee. For the Blessing we Receive thee.

To become our body true and pure, we must avoid the un-eWorldy "Cure".

Thou these "Cures" were not real "Cures".

but they were "Curse" of Greed which taints thy pure and soul.

Oh Unity, thy Final Words,

Be Our Guide our Souls

For we thanked tee for Thy Promise

of Ascendence become thy Birthright.

The Sacred "Temples"

For the purpose of strengthening the will of the "Unity", the Advent supplied its fanatics of Sacred "Temples". They were the Branches of the Advent that ensures the Propagation of the Word of the "Unity" and providing services for the followers. These were:

  • The Temple of Harmony
  • The Temple of the SOUL
  • The Temple of Communion
  • The Temple of Deliverance
Rune of the Harmony

I. The Temple of Harmony

The Temple of Harmony Provides the basic needs of those who heed the call of the "Unity". It provides the Political body of the "Advent" and it includes the Ananetheum (which provides the soothing "help" by the members of the party, the Peristylium which is the central body of the Temple and its relationships outside and inside, and the Cavaedium is the Administrative body itself.

II. The Temple of the SOUL

The Military Part of the "Advent". They were the main body of the Might of the "Unity". The Official Soldiers of the "Unity" which was called the "Sacred Order of the Undying Light". They were Trained and Armed by the Power of the Will and the Gift of the "Unity". They were ready to die for their Country and their Faith.

Rune of the Communion

III. The Temple of Communion

The Temple of Communion, known as the "Voice" of the Unity, was charged to spread the word and the will of the unity to all the corners of the New World. Their job is to propagate and strengthen the "Voice" and Convert many as they can.

Rune of Deliverance

IV. The Temple of Deliverance

They ensure the publication of the "Words and the Will of the Unity" hall be as Pure and as Truthful. They stand as the "censorship and internal security council" of the Advent and have the job of Preventing the "Abominable" beings to defile our Transcendence and the Advent itself.

These Temples provide the Advent with its needed control and propagation of the word of the "Unity". By these, they were the Body and Soul of the Party.

ADvUN Party Hierarchy

The leadership of the party decided it was best to implement the already prepared scheme by the NAP leadership.

The ADvUN members were classified as the following (from highest rank to lowest)

Rank/Position Job description/(Requirements) Number of Candidates Known Present Members
Archmagus Magisteria (Master Archmagi) The Current Party President, He/She has the right to govern the party based on the ideals of NAP-SOUL.
(Requirements: Winning the Party elections)
1 Erion Clow Reed
Archmagus Ministeria (Minister Archmagi) Have the 2nd Highest Number of Votes in the Party elections. If the Party President won without opposition, the previous Archmagus Ministeria will be reinstated again in the office
(Requirements: 2nd Largest Vote in the Party Elections)
1 Fate Averruncus
Magus Primordium (Mage of the Origin) Those Members that Approved and Can Run into Congress. They were the example of purity and wisdom
(Requirements: Approved by the Archmagus Magister, Must Pass the CCP.)
Timeless Flames, Nimbus 4000
Magus Exitus (Mage of the Ends) The Experienced Members of the Party who help fellowmen and guide acolytes to the path of light
(Requirement: Must Be a Center-Wing, Already Become an Acolyte)
Ken Aphantansrit
Acolyte (Follower) The Strength of the Party. The Acolytes were the ones who build the foundation and heed the word of Reed
(Requirements: Must Prove him/herself to be pure and clean from the blood of zombies and bots. Must Pass ACOLEX)

(Depending on Number of Members)

AdvUN Presidents

The Presidents
Name Term
1st Erion Clow Reed January 2011
2nd Erion Clow Reed February 2011
3rd Mocoman14 March 2011

Mocoman14 is noted as the Last Party President of The Advent of Unity Party.