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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

The Bremen Clubhouse

Bremen Clubhouse.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation TBC
Founded March 15, 2010
Dissolved April 15, 2010
Members Flag-UK.jpg Joachim von Bremen
Flag-UK.jpg Tomazim
Flag-UK.jpg Maddog Jones
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Anarchist

The Bremen Clubhouse (or House of Bremen) was a small international organisation with strong resources and dedicated membership located in the United Kingdom.

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  • Channel: #bremenclubhouse


Citizen Newspaper
Joachim von Bremen 108 Downing Street
Tomazim Herp Derp News
Maddog Jones The Daily Maddog
Goku Jones Make Ireland Awesome


Since its inception, membership has also been awarded to Tomazim (founding member), Maddog Jones, jamesw, Draaglom, Fezoj, Gav Miller, Dishmcds, Hassan Pesaran, ChewChewShoe, Haughenator and GLaDOS. Applications were always open and if someone wished to join they needed to contact the current chief. That said, membership is extremely exclusive and not all applications were successful. Membership is widely considered to be a high honour.

Bremen Clubhouse Awards

In May, 2011, the Bremen Clubhouse, "in line with any old, distinguished and genteel organisation", announced the recipients of their own BCH Awards.[1] The awards and their recipients were:



The date of the birth of The Bremen Clubhouse is an issue of contention because its formation was a gradual process. Its origins are early as March 2010, with the PTO campaign of The British Empire Party by Joachim von Bremen. This party's crest featured a lion, and having spotted a member (Lon Kirk) who used a lion both as his personal and party avatar, Joachim was inspired to launch a campaign for 'more lions' for the BEP. This changed via spelling corruption first to MOAR LIONS, and then to MAOR LIONZ. By the 15th March 2010, the date of the party president elections, Joachim had settled on renaming the BEP to The MAOR LIONZ Party. Winning narrowly by 2 votes over Lemuel Gengulfus, this was followed through with. The MAOR LIONZ campaign can be considered as The Bremen Clubhouse's first victory (although the name of 'Clubhouse' had not yet been adopted).

The Bremen Clubhouse opens

The Clubhouse developed further in May and June 2010 when the House of Lords was abolished in the UK. This house had been a social group for many of the UK's older citizens, including Joachim, as well as a political body. As the HoL's abolition approached, Joachim saw a chance to replace it with a new concept - a privately run, non governmental organisation, but with the inter-personal power and influence of an oldfag club like the HoL. Thus, he proposed The Bremen Clubhouse Act to the House of Commons, proposing to purchase the old HoL off the government for his own use. As expected, the heavily conservative commons did not pass the act, but it was nevertheless ingrained upon the public subconscious. The Bremen Clubhouse, as a concept, existed from then on.


The finest hour to date of The Bremen Clubhouse was the wiping of Ireland on the 8th December 2010. Tomazim and Maddog had been planning on this for months beforehand, before bringing it to the BCH table. Over a series of late night battles, Joachim, along with Tomazim and Maddog Jones, organised a team of 40 Serbian soldiers to strike at the end of every mini-battle in two separate Irish campaigns. As the 7th December passed, the UK owned every Irish region except South West Ireland. A resistance was started in Dublin before the UK could commence an attack on the SW. This meant that at least two mini-battles must be won in Dublin, as well as every single mini battle in the SW, if the UK was to successfully wipe Ireland. This was wonderfully achieved by the trio and their Serbian force, at a high expense to Joachim (who supplied the entire Serbian force with food and himself tanked as much as possible). As the sun rose on the 8th December, Ireland was no more. All their companies and political parties remained permanently in the UK and it was a great victory for the country.

Irish Reunification Alliance

Maddog Jones, Joachim von Bremen, Haughenator, ChewChewShoe, Gav Miller and Tomazim all had Irish citizenship and Congress positions. They were preparing the country for a full, permanent annexation by the UK. The campaign was known as 'The Irish Reunification Alliance' or IRA. It was not successful as the party was recovered by Irish one month later.

Icon-politics-mic-home.gif Politics

Political Parties

Political parties annexed by the House of Bremen:

Country Emblem Name Abbreviation Orientation
Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Party-British Empire Party.jpg British Empire Party BEP Center Right, Libertarian


Country City Produces Original Last Map
Icon-Germany.png Germany Bremen Joachim von Bremen Flag-Germany.jpg Flag-Germany.jpg Region-Lower Saxony and Bremen.png
Icon-Ireland.png Ireland Dublin Fruit, Trolling Flag-UK.jpg Flag-Ireland.jpg Country map-Ireland.jpg
Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Rome Military, Citizens Flag-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).jpg Flag-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).jpg Country map-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png
Icon-Serbia.png Serbia Belgrade Miitary Flag-Serbia.jpg Flag-Serbia.jpg Country map-Serbia.png
Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom London Citizens, Trolling Flag-UK.jpg Flag-UK.jpg Country map-United Kingdom.png

Icon-military-mic-home.gif Military

The House of Bremen had a healthy military and has played a key strategic role in many of the various conflicts throughout history. While there is no formal structure, a horde of 40 demonic LIONZ could be called upon. The BCH was in possession of approx 30 companies to supply themselves with.