The Cossacks

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The Cossacks

General Information
Country Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Forum [1]
Founded 573
President Ob Yenisei
Members 5
Congress Occupancy N/A
Orientation Center-right
Ideology Authoritarian


This eRussian political party defines itself as "a honest and direct eRussian patriotic party of people who understand English". Their followers have described it as a "back-to-the-roots" and "no-norsense" party. They have a sub-forum in the Main Russian Forums, an organization and a newspaper.

It strives for the recoveral of all Motherland of eRussia back to the eRussian nation, by diplomacy if possible but by force if no other means are left. It defends the rights of the population in eRussia which understands English, as a mean to strengthen the country thought a numerous immigration. It supports the Army, having reconstructed the Foreign Legion, of which their "Ataman" (leader) is the Commander. It implemented a Newbie Support Program before the baby-booms. It defends the creation of hospitals and defense systems in other regions as Kalinigrad. It stands for "honest politics", rejecting hostile party take-overs, secret political alliances and corruption: They are the promoters of the Rivendell Pact against party TOs, signed now by Habraparty and CDP.




Their reject etiquettes like "right-wing" or "left-wing", and have no explicit economical or social policy besides the defense of eRussia. They remark their readiness to work with any party which can collaborate with them for a better eRussia. The in-game Social Orientation and Economic Orientation were decided in a party poll and are not considered relevant.

The following text, was taken from the sign-up thread of their forum, describe them with more precision:

Ataman is the title given to the legitimate leader of The Cossacks.

Documents on ideology

The Cossack Manifesto, published 573 by MoredanKantose, is their most important political document.

Other ideological documents can be found here:,1618.0.html


Common sentences between The Cossacks include:

Composition / Ranges

The Cossacks have three types of members:

Electing the Ataman

To avoid party take-overs, the Ataman is elected in the forum and only later in the game. The Party elections are a mere formality, and all members should vote there for the winner of the "real", forum elections.

The Ataman is elected every 60 days. The election process takes place in the following way:

In the case of an absolute equal result, the existing Ataman remains in charge for 12 days more while the whole process is repeated, but this 12 days are substracted from the next ministry period. Thus, ministry periods should always end in a day which is multiple of 60: The first ends at 660, the second at 720, and so on.

The Cossacks party has a certain symbolism with the number 6: They were founded in the forums in the 6th month, 12th day, and in game in the day 600.


In their short history, they have:


The Cossacks HeadQuarters is their official organization.

CossackSWord is their official newspaper.

They use as their official forum, avoiding to have a particular site.

Organizational Chart

Here is the Organizational Chart of the Party.

A list with all Cossacks and Elder Cossacks can be found here.

Cossacks chat [2]

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