The Dragons

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The Dragons

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Mix is our hero!

General Information
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Type Multitasking Unit


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Basic info

The founding of The Dragons (TD) was announced officially in the article (in Polish language) of Polska Partia Patriotyczna's organization. At the beginning, there were three companies - two of manufacturing and one of land type. There was also a unit, which consisted of ten people, who didn't work in TD's companies. The first Chief Commander of The Dragons became Masterczulki. Other commanders were: konstal, Caroline au Marymont, Sharpboy and Piesowo.

How were TD created?

Once a time, in Polska Partia Patriotyczna there were mini-organizations in every region of ePoland, called branches. Their goal was to have more active people in the party and organize a lot of interesting actions. Unfortunately, after some time it occured to party leaders' board that it was not a successful system. After long discussion, it was decided to make a party military group. That's how The Dragons were born.