The Fair Dealer

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The Fair Dealer

The Fair Dealer.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Owner Nick Everdale
Founded April 2009
Subscribers 210 (as of August 2009)
Articles 26
Content Public Affairs & CommentarySerious

The Fair Dealer was a Virginia-based newspaper. It was well-known for foreign affairs reporting, most notably a series on Portugal's territorial holdings in Mexico and American conflicts with ATLANTIS. It was published by Nick Everdale under the Old Dominion Holdings corporate umbrella.

Founding and Format

The Fair Dealer was created in April 2009 to report on international affairs and current events.

In the first article, Everdale vowed to maintain the integrity and objectivity of the News section by remaining in-character. However, the less frequent Comment section often pokes fun at players who take the game too seriously and lampoons the often unintentionally self-inflating forum postings of veteran players.

The Fair Dealer has the distinction of its first article, "Portugal: Enemy at the Gates" becoming a Top 5 user-voted article in the USA. Since that time, roughly half of The Fair Dealer's articles have achieved distinction as Top 10 or Top 5 Articles in the American media.