The Fighting Independent

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The Fighting Independent

General Information
Country Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Language English, Greek
Owner Chris jonadicus
Founded 2013 - Day 2,050
Subscribers 151
Articles 45
Content Various themes, Swiss politics +Social Events

The Fighting Independent is a Icon-Switzerland.png Swiss newspaper, with various articles and a variety of content. Sometimes there might be articles with specific content about swiss wars, diplomatic events, new social events in the swiss society, while in other ocassions, it will focus on the game's events, competitions and on random, funny articles.

When it first began, it was created for posting funny+random stories for the amusement of the swiss community. parody articles, funny jokes and many funny stories could be found in its first articles+pages. Later on, the newspaper started to discuss and to analyse major battles+events of the game more properly. The Fighting Independent has always been one of the top-newspapers of switzerland, providing either funny articles or curcial information about recent swiss events/diplomacy/battles and other social situations.

At some time, on 2015, chris jonadicus moved into the community of Greece, and his newspaper followed him there. in total, chris jonadicus posted 9 articles in Greece, with Greek content+written both in the Greek+English languages, and when he moved on to Cyprus, he wrote 1 total article for Cyprus. After his short hiatus/trip to Greece+Cyprus ended, chris jonadicus returned back in switzerland, and he posted his first swiss article again on day 4,089. (with the last swiss article before that being posted on day 2,475 shortly before leaving switzerland after it won a tough war VS some PTO'ers.)

The logo of The Fighting Independent has always remained the same, since the foundation of the newspaper, and it depicts two gothic letters (F+I, standing for the Fighting Independent), within a green laurel, and next to a feathered quill pen.

At some point, the newspaper had a header image placed at the beginning of each article, but sadly that image/header got lost in time.

One important part of the newspaper was when it addressed the corruption of some swiss players who tried to sabotage the swiss congress, and when it also mentioned chris jonadicus's nomination for the Swiss CP elections, and afterwards, when he won and he became the new Swiss CP.

Next: i shall add more news as the history+articles of the newspaper get more famous, and as more things happen over time.