The Olive Branch Treaty

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The Olive Branch Treaty
This is a Contract. Please do not change the details included within this section. The original document can be found [article link here].

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Article I: Statement of Intention

In an effort to mend a broken partnership and work toward harmony and peace within the region, Switzerland and Slovenia have composed the Olive Branch Treaty. This treaty will ensure a stable, amiable relationship between both parties, one which will encourage the mutual prosperity of both nations.

Article II: Swiss Liberation Provisions

1. Switzerland will initiate a resistance war in Graubunden liberate it;

a) Switzerland will win the resistance war
b) The Slovenian government will cooperate with the Swiss government to ensure that Switzerland wins the resistance war;

Article III: Post-Liberation Provisions

1. The Swiss government agrees to:

a) do everything in its power to prevent Swiss citizens from fighting against Slovenia;
b) not endorse any resistance wars against Slovenia;
c) raise Switzerland’s work tax to 10% for a duration of three months, beginning on the initial date that this treaty is signed (15th of January, Day 2,613 of the New World);
d) and fully cooperate with the Slovenian government.

2. The Slovenian government agrees to:

a) ensure the permanent safety and protection of Graubunden;
b) not interfere with Switzerland’s congressional elections;
c) and fully cooperate with the Swiss government.

Article IV: Rogue Resistance Wars

1. In the event that a rogue Swiss resistance war is initiated and won in any region other than Graubunden, the Swiss government agrees to:

a) propose Slovenia as Switzerland’s natural enemy;
b) and temporarily lose all of its regions to Slovenia.

2. After sub-clauses (a) and (b) are completed, the Slovenian government agrees to:

a) return Graubunden to Switzerland by initiating a resistance war.

3. If sub-clauses (a) and (b) interfere with Swiss congressional elections, they will not be executed until after the completion of congressional elections.

Article V: Signing Regulations

1. The presidents of both nations must sign this treaty in order for it to be valid.
2. This treaty may be renewed and amended on the sixth day of every month with the approval from both the Swiss and Slovenian cabinets.


Icon-Switzerland.png Joseph Rich - President of Switzerland
Icon-Slovenia.png Colonel Bruce - President of Slovenia

Written by Icon-Switzerland.png Monsieur Guillontine - Minister of Foreign Affairs

This Contract was signed on January 15, 2015..