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AK47.jpg This page is about a paramilitary group or organisation.

Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

People's Army


"Homeland, Freedom or Death!"

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Total Soldiers 5
Commanded by bamber
Part of People's Communist Party

 Homeland, Freedom or Death! 
(Johnobrow Dadds)


The People's Army exists for the sole purpose of defending the regions of the eUK from foreign invaders and organising the people into a more effective fighting force. It will be supplied through the PCP's extensive commune network. As such all PA soldiers will be required to work in a commune, as long as their is a position open, in order to sustain the war effort. Note that as it is for defending all eUK citizens, all eUK citizens regardless of political stance or any other factors are free and encouraged to join. They will receive weapons and food. It's purpose is similar to that of the now defunct Royal Guard in that it organises those unable or unwilling to join our other military branches into a fighting unit. The obvious difference of course is that the People's Soldiers work in the supply of the People's Army.


The People's Army was launched on 27th November, 2009.

The People’s Army Charter

1. What we stand for

1.1 The People’s Army fights against the forces of inequality and imperialism.

1.2 The People’s Army is a purely voluntary force drawn from members of the People’s Communist Party (PCP) and its communes.

2. Modus Operandi

2.1 Regardless of allegiances, the People's Army shall always fight to defend, or regain, a countries original territory. As such, regardless of allegiances, the People's Army shall always fight against those who wish to expand a nation beyond its natural borders.

2.2 The People’s Army is not part of the Red Army – In the interests of efficiency and overlapping aims they may fight together, but the People’s Army is autonomous and can fight elsewhere, or directly against the Red Army if they so wish, as long as it is in the interests of Anti-Imperialism.

2.3 The People’s Army may never fight in order to suppress a nation’s liberty – if they fight in a resistance war, they must always fight to liberate the region or not fight at all.

2.4 The People’s Army will always fight as one, cohesive group where possible, for there is strength in unity.

2.5 All the People’s Army weapons, moving tickets and additional costs are maintained by the communes.

3. Positions of Responsibility

3.1 There is one commander (CO) of the People’s Army, with one sub-commander (SC) to assist him (neither can be Party President of the PCP). There are also 2 suppliers, chosen by the CO and SC, whose duty it is to assist the CO and SC in supplying soldiers and militiamen with appropriate supplies. The CO is chosen by the Party President of the PCP, whereas the SC is chosen by the Party President of the PCP, on the recommendation of the CO. The CO, with his SC, dictate military strategy and tactics, based on the aims of this charter. The Party President may make recommendations to the CO and SC on what he would like to see achieved, but the only obligation they are under is that of the charter.

3.2 The commander or sub-commander may only be removed if they resign from their post, been inactive for over one week, or if it is shown that the PCP as a whole is dissatisfied with their performance.

3.3 The soldier within the People’s Army is expected to regularly check their orders, and to be active at reasonable times of their day for strikes. As supply allows, they shall receive the weapons they need to fight in a strike organised by the People’s Army. A soldier must be warned at least twice before being discharged, unless the offence is serious, and they must know why they are being discharged or warned.

3.4 Militiamen are members of the PCP who wish to fight witht the People's Army, but do not wish to be mobile. They have no responsibilities or rights when the PA fights in a foreign land, but are to be treated as equals (With preference to high damage dealing potential) when the PA fights within the UK.

4. Awards

4.1 At the end of the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th of each month, the CO and SC shall jointly pick a recipient for the "Exemplar" award, which will be given to the soldier whom the CO and SC deem to have set the best example, for whatever reason, in the past 7 days. 4.1.1 On the last day of each month, the CO and SC shall jointly pick a recipient for the "Exemplar First Class" award, which will be given to the soldier whom the CO and SC deem to have set the best example, for whatever reason, over the course of that month.

4.2 Any member of the People’s Army (discounting militiamen) who participate in five strikes in a row shall be awarded the "Call of Duty" award. 4.2.1 Any member of the People's Army (Discounting militiamen), who participate in 10 strikes in a row shall be awarded the "Call of Duty First Class" award.

4.3 Any recipient of an individual award may receive a small prize, of any sort, at the commander’s discretion.

Command Structure

Former Commanders

Former Commanders
Commander From To
Citizen1332229.png Steeeev 08 Oct 2011 November 2012
Citizen1693565.png Sir Botham November 2012 ?
Citizen1332229.png Steeeev 2012 2016
Citizen1517462.jpg Bamber May 2017 Present

Command Structure January 2013
Sir Botham Commander
Steeeev 2nd Commander
Vacant Captain - 1st Regiment
Aces Man Captain - 2nd Regiment
Burton Hotaling Captain - 3rd Regiment
Doucher1 Captain - 4th Regiment

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