The People's Commune

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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

The People's Commune
Logo of The People's Commune
Owner Steeeev
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Headquarters London
Products Grain, Food, Iron, Weapons, Oil, Moving Tickets, Stone, Houses

The commune system started under Bob Boblo's leadership has since flourished; a creation of the economic man-god Dan Fallows, the organisation allowed workers to work for a novel sum of wages in return for the provision of free services from the other sectors of the commune. The commune system was one of the jewels of the People's Communist Party, and their economic standpoint meant that they disregarded the free market in order to deliver their workers with everything they need to live a full life in the New World.

The services provided by commune

• The provision of free food to every worker as provided by the communes in the grain and food sectors.

• There was a fully functional moving ticket commune which provided free tickets should a worker need to go to another region or country, particularly during elections.

• The most recent addition was a productive weapon's commune capable of supplying entire workforce with free weapons (rifle, artillery, tank or helicopter) for every war the UK becomes involved in;

List of Communes

The People's Commune

Commune Food - Industry: Food Communefood.jpg

Commune Grain - Industry: Oil Icon - Oil.png

Commune Weapons - Industry: Weapons Communeweapons.jpg

Worker's Coalition

People's Bakery - Industry: Food Peoplesbackery.jpg

People's Weapons - Industry: Weapons Communeweapons.jpg

Peoples Farm - Industry: Grain Icon - Grain.png

The People's Commune II

Commune Wood - Industry: Stone Icon - Stone.png

Commune Iron - Industry: Iron Icon - Iron.png

The People's Commune III

Commune Housing - Industry: Houses Communehousing.jpg

Commune Tanks - Industry: Weapons Communeflyingtanks.jpg

Worker's Collective

PCP Housing Co-operative - Industry: Houses Pcphousing.jpg

People's Armoury - Industry: Weapons Communeweapons.jpg

PCP Bread - Industry: Food Communefood.jpg

PCP Iron - Industry: Iron Icon - Iron.png

The Council Communist Brigade

Co-op Bread - Industry: Food Communefood.jpg

Co-op Artillery - Industry: Weapons Communeweapons.jpg

People's Pistols - Industry: Weapons Communeweapons.jpg

The Co-operative Network

Commune Housing II - Industry: Housing Communehousing2.jpg

Commune Tickets - Industry: Moving Tickets Communetickets.jpg