The Progress Party

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The Progress Party

Party-The Progress Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Founded 4 May 2009, 22:27
Dissolved January 2010
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0 %
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

A former political party in Sweden. It was founded by Graytuna in May 2009 and dissolved around August 2009. A small restart occurred during December 2009 but that comeback was short after abandoned in January 2010.

The Progress Party was Sweden's 5th biggest party and had 30+ members and the TPP member Crazyfrog11 in the Congress during its best time.

The main questions of TPP were to strive and fight for development, progress and new ideas in Sweden. The Progress Party also had a well developed party program.

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The Start of The Progress Party

A picture from the TPP Propaganda archive

The idea of a new political party, striving for progress, new ideas and development in Sweden existed in Graytunas head for a long time - even before he actually founded TPP. The lack of initiative in Swedish politics and the same old habit behind the 2 major parties in Sweden made Graytuna take the step and start TPP.

The first time was challenging. It was hard to get new members to join the party. Graytuna and his friend Helgonized came up with the first party-program. They also struggled with the mission to establish the party. Their hard work gave results. Soon, some more members joined. More work was done and it continued in a positive circle. The start of TPP will always be remembered by the founders as the first few steps for progress, development and a bright future in Sweden.

The Progress Party and it's politics

The Leader of TPP was the founder Graytuna. The leadership was very democratic, one of the main priorities were to keep the party together, as well as letting the members say what they thought. The decisions taken in the name of The Progress Party was a product of discussions.

The main philosophy

TPP stood for development, cooperation and focus on Sweden and its citizens. The Party worked hard for making new ideas come true and most important of all, it worked for a good future. TPP thoughts were that Sweden was the country of possibilities where "the ideas of today will be the future of tomorrow2. To see the possibilities, hear the new ideas and work together was simply vital for a good future in Sweden.

The Last time

There were many reasons to why TPP finished off. The new party Nationalgardet rose quickly towards a top 5 ranking and that came like a wake-up call. It was simply too hard and it took too much energy and time to promote a new party. It prevented the party from realising it's politics in a good way and there was no balance. Graytuna dissolved the party in August 2009 and all the members agreed on keeping the fight for Progress alive.

Some of the members continued to be bonded through the organization ProgressOrg.

Some Members of TPP

When TPP was active, some of the most active members were: