The Real Democrats

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The Real Democrats

Party-The Real Democrats.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation TRD
Newspaper Seriously Fun Times
Organization RIFH
Forum Forum link
Colors Black, Orange and White
Founded 16 July 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By British Democratic Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Democratic

The Real Democrats was formed on 16th July 2010 as a Central Democratic Party. They were often referred to by the initials TRD.

The party is now defunct and has since become the British Democratic Party.

The name and the logo were debated upon in the forum not long after the formation of The Real Democrats, and put up to a vote. The winning name & logo was chosen with The Real Democrats name being kept and a design of an orange lion on a black background by Nathan Slater was chosen from a choice of 10 designs.

by Nathan Slaterby Alien NDParty-The Real Democrats v3.jpgParty-The Real Democrats v4.jpgParty-The Real Democrats.gif


The original party was founded by The Purple as a tribute to Jennifer Macleod. When Melophore won the Party president elections in July 2010 for the Social Democrat Party (SDP), many in the party were unhappy with the result and Artela obtained permission from The Purple to take control of his existing party in order to create a new party. She renamed the party "The Real Democrats" as a temporary name and soon word spread among the SDP membership about The Real Democrats with many unhappy SDP members joining a thread on the UK forum to petition for TRD to be granted their own forum. The required 10 signees were soon found.

TRD Party presidents

Icon position party president.gif Party president

Citizen3097566.png Artela July 2010 - 06 Sept 2010
Citizen707641.jpg SpeedKing 06 Sept 2010 - 16 Sept 2010
Citizen2863139 v2.jpg Eric Ross 16 Sept 2010 - 16 Oct 2010


Congress Elections

  • July 2010

The Real Democrats (TRD) put up three candidates for congress seats. Because they are not a top 5 party, TRD sought help from The Radical Freethinkers Alliance (RFA), who kindly agreed to let TRD candidates run under the RFA banner. Nathan Slater, Dante-Simly and Eric Ross stood for the seats Yorkshire & Humberside, North West of England and East of England respectively.

A campaign was hastily organised in the party's first nine days of existence, and on voting day all three candidates did well enough to be succeed, coming top in each region they stood in.

Three members won congress seats for TRD in the election under the SDP, ProudtobeBritish23, SpeedKing and Andalas, they joined The Real Democrats the following day due to the aforementioned friction with the SDP Party President.

  • August 2010

Three candidates were elected standing under the old SDP: SpeedKing, John Rupert Miranda and ProudtobeBritish23.

Party President Elections

August 2010 - Contested by Artela and SpeedKing - Artela won

September 2010 - Contested by SpeedKing and Eric Ross - Eric Ross won

The Party Constitution

The Party hold the following principles as its core values:

1. Aims of the Party

1.1 To provide a truly democratic centre-ground party where all views are equal and will be heard and where decisions are taken by the active party membership on all important items in a democratic fashion.

2. Principles of the Party

2.1 The Party is Democratic - in all important party matters the voice of the active party members is paramount - all important matters will be debated in the party forums, and if necessary voted on, as the will of the party is greater than any one person.

2.2 The Party operates under an Equal Opportunities policy - everyone has the right to stand for whatever they wish to stand for as long as they realise that the democratic wishes of the party come first - this includes the PP and any Congress members. Some party jobs will require previous experience, but all volunteers with that experience will be given the chance to stand and there will always be trainee positions available alongside them so that people can learn.

2.3 The Party will be Helpful - we will collate all useful information and links we can find from the forums and wikis and anywhere else that will help all new members get a really good start in the eWorld.

2.4 The Party operates a strict "No bribery" policy - we will not bribe members with promises of jobs or cut price goods or gold or cash just to get them to do things - we will be an open democracy above such things - members are best helped through good advice (see 2.3).

2.5 The Party has a policy of Honesty and Integrity - There will be no multis, BS, lying, untruths, half truths, white lies and distortions of facts. No-one should be afraid of the truth. Without honesty there is no trust.

2.6 The Party believes in Freedom of Expression - everyone is entitled to their own views and should be free to express them provided that such expression is not dishonest, libelous, slanderous or offensive.

2.7 The Party does not interfere in the private eLife of its members and all members are free to conduct their own businesses, be in the Armed Forces, be members of any Religion or Organisation and work in any job, provided that they are fair in all their dealings and do not sully the Party's name.

2.8 The Party will encourage people to have Fun - the party is nothing without its members, and the members should be able to enjoy their membership of the party and the Party will encourage people to interact through the use of IRC and the forums.

2.9 The Party believes in Justice - everyone is innocent until proven guilty and everyone is entitled to a fair trial held by an impartial adjudicator.

2.10 The Party believes that the good of the UK comes above the good of the Party.

3. Policies of the Party

3.1 Policies of the Party will be agreed democratically through the use of debate in the forums and the in-forum voting system

3.2 Policies of the Party will be maintained in the Policies sub-forum.

3.3 Any member of the Party can, at any time, raise a proposed policy for discussion and vote - policies will be debated for at least 48 hours before being put to a 48 hour vote. Emergency policy decisions can be pushed through in half that time (24 hours + 24 hours) after agreement by a majority in the designated IRC channel at the time the emergency arises.

3.4 Any member of the Party can, at any time, raise an amendment to an existing policy using the method described in 3.3.